Major Stirling wasn’t having a good time. His girlfriend/lover, head of the French secret service for North Africa, hitched a ride in a mail plane so she could meet up with him after his latest and very successful operation. Sadly, the plane encountered a severe sandstorm and crashed in the desert. She is presumed lost. He was then captured by the Germans which really ruined his day. His deputy, a mad Irishman, is now in charge of the outfit which has been recognised as an official British operational unit.

I engaged in useful stuff on YouTube afterwards including a time-lapse shipping container home construction project. At the start there were two young people, then pregnancy, a baby, a rug-rat and then a toddler. By the end of the project, the eldest was helping and there was a younger child. A labour of love.

Another was a comparison of Starlink and Astranis. The former is a Musk project where constellations of near Earth orbiting satellites provide the communication infrastructure. The downside is that there are lots of satellites all trying to return to earth and which spend a comparatively short time visible to the device on the ground. Astranis have adopted a different approach where the satellite is much further from Earth and in a geostationary orbit. These satellites can cover a larger area of the Earth however the distance adds latency (time lag) to the communication. Fine for many applications such as voice or video streaming but not so good for applications requiring a lot of data in a short time, such as gaming. Very interesting though.

The wind made the early morning feel a little cold and there was a huge, distant lightning flash to the south. The sea has flattened off the deep ravine where the river flowed so the walk to Azzuro was much easier. I think I actually managed to keep the dogs out of the gardens!

I rode over Panorama to pick up two loaves of bread and then back to Grammeno. It was a lot cooler riding than yesterday.

With no other distractions, I got on with migrating the Microsoft Exchange mail accounts to a new version of HES, the mail filtering application. I intended to sign up for a three year account but only paid for one so there’s another holdup whilst I fix that as it’s much cheaper to pay for three years.

I may well have fallen asleep in the afternoon as a result of all of the earlier concentration. It was pleasant whilst the sun was out but chilly when the wind blew which was increasing rapidly. Hopefully, tomorrow morning will be calmer.

It must be chilly outside as I have seven dogs inside this evening! Even the hardy Huskies decided it was nicer to be inside in the warm.

I’m a little late finishing this as I got bogged down in an EG support call which went on a bit.

A cooler day with loads of sunshine but a cold wind from the north which may be with us for a couple of days. Tonight and tomorrow may turn out to be wetter than expected as the weather situation appears to have changed.