In Oxford for a couple of murders by an unlikely perpetrator and then some YouTube videos to finish off the evening.

There was rain during the night and early morning with more forecast during the day. We went out and completed our walks, just later. There was some slight precipitation whilst we were at the furthest point but I was wearing my long coat so didn’t mind, for myself at least.

The girls and Skinny went out again to chase the ball. I could see more serious rain approaching so luckily timed our return to coincide with it beginning. I loafed around enjoying the sunshine whilst it rained then fed the dogs and made the DDs. I concluded it was likely to rain in the time it would take to ride to Paleochora and back so made a quick trip to Anatoli in Kountoura and back just before the next shower.

With the Trend HES, mail filtering servers going offline on 20 February, I got on with obtaining new licences and migrating over to the new service. Technically, a relatively simple task but not in my case. The old licence ran out in April and I didn’t bother to renew it at the time as I knew the product had reached end of life and, anyway, it was still working!

Unfortunately, the new licences do not appear to have activated correctly so I keep returning to the old system and cannot login to the new. Not what I needed with only a few days to go. I contacted the support desk and spoke to a helpful man then we exchanged information via email as I needed to forward everything I’d received. There was one missing piece which should have come from Digital River, Trend’s sales partner. The case has been referred to another department so I’ll need to wait and see.

The day has been generally quite annoying. The dogs were fidgeting as it was cold and not very sunny, the cats started clamouring for food around two when their normal feeding time is around five. This winds the dogs up further so winds me up too when I’m busy. Bona came without keys so I had to let her into the storeroom/laundry, another unnecessary annoyance. The dogs were fed late and the cats are still waiting and it’s seven. I left all of the dogs outside to cool off. Maybe they’ll appreciate the warmth once I finally let them in.

Litsa bought me some precooked cauliflower in a sauce which is very helpful as I’ve lost the will to prepare food. Thank you Litsa!

Generally, not a perfect day.

Quite a changeable day with wind, rain and also sunshine. One of those February days. From tomorrow, things start to look up as it’s a little warmer and potentially more stable. There is a little wind over the weekend but the week should be calm.