A Better Day

Spooks has lost another agent in an hotel explosion during an important peace conference. The CIA also lost an agent too. I’m not quite sure, but some of the agents have died before and amazingly reappear a little like in Dallas. It just shows how difficult it is to kill off a good character. Fletcher was in hospital with a broken ankle after falling from a ladder cleaning gutters. He was enjoying the bed rest, good food and being off the wing for a few weeks. Other viewing was on YouTube until I fell asleep again!

I was surprised at how little wind there was as we crossed the field. It was dark and soon to get even darker as there was a scheduled power cut from 06:30-11:30, however the power resumed about 10:40 in reality. There’s another cut tomorrow at the same time.

It wasn’t a bad morning although there were some clouds particularly over the mountains. Some fine rain blew over occasionally. We returned just after six-thirty and went out again at 06:50 to do the Promontory once more.

I took my raincoat to Paleochora as the sky was looking very hostile. I didn’t need it in the end but it was my insurance. I visited Petrakis after the bakery and must remember I have an extra commission in the morning for the lady across the road who wants another loaf.

One client left today after sixty-four days in the camping. No record as there are those who’ve been here a lot longer. Now, we are down to six vans and the two lots of tent campers. Some thirteen punters in all.

As the forecast proclaimed, it was warmer than yesterday and, although the day started cold and overcast, it gradually turned much warmer and sunnier. A little sunshine and warmth always lifts the spirits.

Warmer and quite pleasant by the end of the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier but about the same temperature. Next week should be a little warmer with highs of 17ºC and little wind with some sunshine. Quite a good combination.