Not Very Restful

Hetty Wainthropp succeeded where the police drew a blank and received a windfall of £15,000 for providing information leading to the arrest of the person setting houses on fire. The finale of Hetty and team receiving a huge cheque then Hetty doing tap as part of the cabaret.

Hetty was followed with a trip to India, the last of the second season. The main theme was a wedding but subplots included a self-termination and some gay boys beaten up by other lads. Hopefully, there will be another season…

It was YouTube again to finish up. Another Alaska cabin build. Alaska looks quite a chilly place to hang out but this chap likes solitude with just him and his dog although he has some human help for the cabin construction. The dog is more like a foredog and finds somewhere convenient to lie down to rest or sleep.

There was no wind to speak of and it seemed quite mild. The river is only crossable with dry feet if you walk up to the road bridge or can do the long jump. I wasn’t up for either so the service terminated there. The girls, Skinny and I came back again with the ball and they all crossed the river many times in pursuit of the ball. Isabella and Maya went into the sea but Sasha preferred to hang around me in case I could magic up another ball for her to chase. We went out with two balls but one quickly lost itself.

Three loaves, but no fishes, were ordered this morning. Two for punters and one for the lady across the road whose name I must discover. She wanted a seeded whole meal which I purchased on her behalf.

I dropped her bread off to the washing line by her apartment and the other loaves went to Lucia for cutting or collecting by her neighbours who are late risers.

I fed the dogs, washed up and then made tea. The sun was shining but it was windy so I made provision to move my chair to a more sheltered location behind the east awning side. I’m glad it’s there as it would be very cold without it. I stayed awake for a bit but finally drifted off in the sunshine.

The power went off at 06:17 and resumed around 10:40 however I soon discovered there was no Internet connection only the WiFi. Further investigation showed everything inside the camping was working but the router couldn’t connect to the cabinet up the road which manages the fibre to VDSL over copper connection.

There were a number of enquires during the day as customers and staff realised there was no Internet connection. Fortunately, with my new phone contract, I have more Internet connectivity that I know what to do with so it was time to use some of it up.

With time running out and my case in the hands of the account section of customer support, I decided I should do something about the businesses currently using Trend Micro mail services. To this end, I concluded I should disconnect the two businesses which use Office 365 Exchange from Trend Micro HES in case the service really does close down on 20 February. In any event, I need to change the DNS records and the actual connector setup is quite straightforward.

The only problem is that I was unable to access the DNS for Inter Sport as it appears I have an out-of-date password to the account which controls the domain. I’ve asked Sue for the password.

There was a visitor bearing a large bag of oranges, Litsa who brings me oranges and lemons. Later, the lady from across the road brought more lemons and oranges. I’m going to be ahead on vitamin C for a while.

As darkness began to gather and the temperature fell like a stone, I fed the dogs and made food for myself. I didn’t have many choices so fell back to my staple and favourite, fakes.

Today’s chart data is of limited value as it stops around 07:00 when the WiFi connection was lost. The data is in the local device just not on the Internet. WU forecasts another sunny day tomorrow with similar temperatures to today.