The whole evening was a YouTube Fest as I felt it would use less data considering there was no VDSL via the WiFi. I finished off watching the Alaska cabin build right up until the guy spent his first night there with his faithful friend Norman. During the entire construction process, Norman was always to be seen. His bed was brought from the main cabin but he preferred to sleep on the new sofa cum put-you-up. Norman looks a little like Skinny in colour, size and build.

My other viewing included a trip to Norway where the people are the most democratic in the world and also very wealthy. They don’t seem to have acquired an autocrat or oppressive leadership unlike most of the other petro states. All the wealth is distributed amongst the people or placed into a massive investment fund, one of the largest in the world. Seems that they make good environmental choices for themselves reserving the oil and gas for export. They use hydro via their many dams, wind, of which there’s a lot or even some solar.

Another interesting documentary was about undersea cables. These carry the majority of all communications so we’re a little sunk without them. They would be the first target in any conflict causing communications to virtually cease without a suitable alternative. The people of Taiwan have suffered a number of outages due to trawler nets ‘accidentally’ snagging and breaking the cables. The other ‘accidental’ culprit is ships dragging their anchor. They are suitably disturbed by the possibility of being completely cut off from the remainder of the world.

The sky was studded with stars, the white motorhome further up the track yesterday, has moved to the corner by the beach and ABB. They were surrounded by all of the dogs when they ventured out to admire the sunrise. We were a little later getting back as I’d spent time on a couple of civil engineering projects involving big rocks and the river. I took the girls out later but I went only as far as the river as I’d been across earlier anyway and it wasn’t a totally dry experience.

I rode over Panorama stopping at Anatoli for only one loaf and then Petrakis so I could forget half the stuff I needed. The nice lady on the checkout had put the AAA batteries I left in the basket behind the counter and they were surrendered without me saying a word. The ride back was pleasant and I put on a wash for the NL couple once back.

I returned to feed the dogs and prepare the DDs before making my first cup of tea and checking my emails. It was then time to take back the wash as it was done.

Other activities during the day included making some configuration changes to as Sue is not at work on a Monday. A quick call to LBS and a wander to the office to backup and then reset the router. I later discovered that sitting in th warm sun makes you go to sleep.

In the afternoon, Bona came to do some cleaning and drink some Hell. Noel joined her to drink a little Hell and then play with the dogs.

Maria called me to ask questions about the router. I suggested there was a general outage but the guy she was talking to insisted on going through reset and lights. I think Bona knew more than both of them although, to be fair, Maria was away all weekend.

I prepared the DDs, Noel went home with his mummy and the dogs were finally fed. Toni arrived with some food freshly prepared by Martha so the beans I was soaking can soak a little longer.

The day was warm and sunny indeed I had to relocate as it was too warm to sit and stew. The weather page is the same as yesterday as there’s been no Internet.

Time for tea said Zebedee…