Another orgy of YouTube as there was still no Internet connection to the camping or elsewhere locally, I believe. Nothing particularly stands out but there were lots of Tiny House videos.

Another warm and starry morning with most of the dogs keeping up most of the time. Luis, well, he’s Luis and just does his best. As one of the oldest with the shortest legs, he gets there…eventually. Crossing the river was quite straightforward thanks to the previous day’s civil engineering project and the fact the water was flowing slower and there was less of it. The Poles, quite sensibly, remained in their van for a quiet and dog-free life.

The girls went on another walk to Azzuro having lost the second ball after the first throw! It didn’t get found but will, no doubt, turn up eventually. Plenty of splashing around in the sea by Isabella and Maya. Sasha seemed content to stay with me and Skinny opted out, probably due to the lightning flashes and thunder earlier. I suddenly found all of the dogs close by for some reason. Skinny was glued to me for a while.

I went over Panorama to the bakery and Petrakis as there were things forgotten from the previous day. I’d intended going to ACS as I think my mouse has arrived but a phone call announced the arrival of a German family just off the ferry. They emailed me and advised me of their impending arrival. I have lots of threats but not all come to fruition so I tend to disregard them all and take things as they come.

I showed them round, put on a wash for the Dutch couple as coffee was spilt in the bed. Hopefully the stains came out but I didn’t look. I fed the dogs then made tea before sitting in the sunshine.

I discovered I’d not replied to the email received from Trend Micro the previous afternoon. More exactly, I’d not actually sent the reply. I updated it and then sent it off for a reply fairly soon after.

Much of the day was taken up with messing around with accounts and files for EG. They are sorting out some of the dross left behind from the likes of Louise and Pat who served the Guild for eons and had plenty of files to show for it. Most of it can go especially as EG is nothing like it was before.

Trend finally contacted me with the information I needed to set up my accounts and even migrate the settings from the old service which was a sort of bonus. I’m certain I’ll have to bin many of the rules as they’re probably obsolete anyway. It’s just a matter of setting up the DNS records which I’ll do tomorrow then just move the accounts over to Trend when its quiet.

I got fed up with Luis making a racket when I was trying to concentrate so he was confined to barracks. The others seem to have got the message.

With one arrival I have one departure tomorrow morning to compensate. Andreas, the German guy is leaving after 32 nights to continue his trip around the island and visit Scotland in the summer. He’s never been to Scotland before so I warned him about midges and roads going where they wish and not necessarily following the shortest route. I suggested the Highlands with a stop in North Wales on the way back to visit The Snowdonia National Park. He’s a quiet chap who I’ve hardly seen during his stay. An ideal customer really.

The day was quite cloudy with plenty of sunny intervals and no wind. At times, it was very warm and, in the afternoon, I changed places as the sun shines on my iPad screen causing the iPad to overheat and cease to function. I know how it feels!

A generally more positive day!

A mostly warm and sunny day with some prolonged cloudy patches. Tomorrow is forecast to be generally dull with the possibility of a little rain. Somewhat cooler than today and little or no wind like today.