It was action all the way with Line Of Duty. We had vehicles chasing each other, lots of shooting and a couple of deaths not to mention various threats of harm. There’s a way to go to the conclusion so more excitement to come. I watched some tips and tricks videos on the iPad and learned some useful things although there was one tip which didn’t, and has never, existed on the iPad.

Our walk was relaxing although Skinny went AWOL for a little while. I wasn’t concentrating so must do better next time. He met us on the way back from Azzurro in completely the opposite direction from which I expected to see him. He declined to join us on the second walk so the girls went to Azzurro once more but with the ball. Plenty of running and swimming for Isabella and also Sascha. Maya just ran with Isabella into the sea on occasions.

I went out over Panorama but with only one battery as I discovered the other one had not charged during the night. Three loaves were required from the bakery, two for the Inmates’ beach do this evening. I delivered it all to Lucia.

I had lots of things I should have been doing but I found myself doing very little except sitting in the sun occasionally falling asleep. I soon moved so that only my legs were exposed which helped me to concentrate more and my iPad not to overheat.

One very useful thing was to connect to VNC on the Mac as this has been problematic since an upgrade a while ago. Another useful thing was to get my new mouse operational. I can use it with multiple devices as well as over WiFi. Bluetooth on one device will be fine.

Bona came and I think she did some cleaning although she spent a lot of the time chatting to me. Her job at the greenhouses is very demanding and stressful now that she has others to manage. Considering the pay and the conditions. She’d been saving up her pennies for me and I reciprocated with some more cigars and stuff. She tells me Marisa will be back this summer as will Anna who helped last season. I left her to clean and went later to take back the blue bowl and lock up.

I fed the cats then the dogs but left Maya to let herself out of the SDC. Skinny used this to his advantage so was soon gone. I took the Crazies as I felt they might as well come out to find him too. He was only a short distance from the gate mooching in the field. Nevertheless, we walked to the beach and ended up circumnavigating the Promontory once more. With a chat to the Slovenian guy at the end we were out far longer than I’d planned.

Tomorrow, I really need to get the client emails sorted or I’ll run out of weekend.

It’s been another warm and sunny day with only a little wind. Tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy with some wind, hopefully after my visit to Paleochora.

Warmer than yesterday with loads of sunshine and a little wind. Tomorrow may be windy and wet in the night with threats of stormy showers continuing into Monday with over 40mm precipitation. They often get the volume wrong so we’ll see…