Far From Restful

Second attempt as I fell asleep whilst writing and deleted all of my text. Always a good idea to set the publish time into the future so your work is backed up.

Take two, abbreviated version…

I watched Thursday and Morse solve a difficult case involving extortion and murder.

The morning was mild and windless with stars and some help from the moon. Only the Slovenians remain in the car park.

We walked as usual and then I bought bread from Anatoli and came straight back. It seemed quite warm so I put on shorts and a t-shirt before feeding the dogs, making DDs and then some tea. I then put on a fleece as the sun went in.

I got on with setting up mail servers to transfer over to the new version of Trend Micro. Many of the settings had been migrated but the domains needed setting up and the DNS records changed. Each domain is on a different provider so I had loads of tabs open on the browser. The new version of TMS only works on the desktop version of a browser so I had to go inside to use the computer there or use Remote Desktop which I fortunately managed to fix yesterday.

There are several settings and it can get quite confusing and complicated especially when working in loads of different but identical-looking tabs and switching between computers to make the entries.

In retrospect, I should have just concentrated on moving one domain at a time. There were a number of other technical constraints of an even more boring nature.

Added to that two arrivals and two departures tomorrow so I was collecting money and generally faffing about. As far as I know, everything works as it should but by the end of it I was losing the will to live. The dogs were quite well behaved but they get scatty when it’s windy as do I when I’m trying to concentrate on something between interruptions.

A French couple have just arrived and plan to stay the night. In the gathering dusk, I quickly showed them the facilities. One of them has family in Brighton. We spoke English as they were very good. The earlier arrivals were English but live in France so have a French van. They will stay a night or so.

If the weather is as forecast, it’s going to be quite wet in the night continuing through tomorrow. I’m glad I bought a spare loaf of bread.

The day started quite benignly and was warm sunny day for a while. It’s now windy and cloudy with 40mm or so of precipitation forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Skinny has decided not to go walkabout tonight…