More Departures

Grantchester concerned the culmination of the Gross Indecency trial of the curate which ended with him being sent to prison for six months due to the fact he was in a position of authority. The setting is 1956, a year before the Wolfenden Report was published which was created by a committee of the same name and formed the basis for the beginning of the gay right’s movement. The police were clamping down on homosexual behaviour which had become more apparent once the armed forces were demobbed after the end of the war.

The other theme in Grantchester was the robbery of a security van which turned out to be an inside job. Further complicated by the fact the lawyer turned out to be an old army crony of Georgie, the detective in charge. They catch the guys who did the job and get the money back but don’t find the brains behind the operation.

There was no rain in the night but the ground and plants were very wet as we traversed the field to the road where there were large puddles. Even larger puddles were present in the car park which was occupied by the Slovenian in his van and the Polish couple in their motorhome.

With all the rain, the river was flowing well so I wasn’t up for crossing as were some of the dogs. We headed back to the Promontory where it was getting light as we arrived. The moon was struggling with the clouds and Venus was high in the sky.

Skinny came out with the girls. We went to the river and back then they decided we should go on Grammeno Beach, around the Promontory once more and over the rocks. There were clouds in the distance but no rain fell.

I rode over Panorama to get bread with a quick visit to Petrakis as there are DDs in the morning. It was a pleasant ride back with a following wind and the men working on the rockfall site driving rods into the face to secure the green netting which should hopefully prevent further problems.

I had a couple of support calls from LBS from Caroline because her mailbox is full and Simon had lost his mouse. Jamie arrived having not slept since the previous day so went straight to bed. I put him in Ξ4 as the door lock has still not been repaired in Ξ3 and some cats had found their way in to use it as a dormitory so needed cleaning anyway. Jamie says his mummy will arrive in a month to stay for a couple of weeks.

Lucia’s electricity was off due to water seeping into her cable so I dried it out and reset the breaker. She asked if there was anything I needed to which I replied I could do with a new cover for the foam reserved for me and the only remaining soft seat in the van. I said colour was immaterial but the darker the better and she added the fabric should be dog-resistant.

The British couple left to continue their tour of the sights and the French girls soon after. They are soon to make their way back to France. So, two check-outs and one check-in. The Brugmans will leave on 29th as they want to get their van roof fixed in Patras as it will be cheaper than having it done in Switzerland and they might encounter rain travelling through Italy

The weather was very pleasant following yesterday’s persistent showers and high wind. It was quite warm considering how wet it had been and sunny too.

A less mild start with plenty of puddles and lots of humidity. The sun shone and did its best to warm the ground. It was much more pleasant than yesterday.