TV watching was mostly Unforgotten which must be approaching the conclusion as the various perpetrators are being tracked down of which one has been stabbed. A file was accidentally left in a coffee bar by one of the investigating officers, information leaked onto the Web and the public domain so someone took it upon themselves to hand out some instant justice. It will probably transpire that the likely decedent was not culpable, for this crime at least. The rest was YouTube and I fell asleep once more and it was well past my bedtime when I woke up!

The morning came around quite quickly so we were soon out on a mild day but windier one than the previous. Azzuro is still protected by a fast-flowing moat which discouraged me from going further but not the dogs. Skinny was already nearly there! He came back for some biscuits following a little prompting from me.

The girls came out with Skinny, the ball and the glass recycling which I deposited in the now-empty receptacle. We did another turn around the Promontory including the rocks and some ball-throwing.

My ride over Panorama via the bakery took slightly longer following a delay at the rockfall where it appears they’re demolishing the final, large piece of rock. There’s landscaping to be done and some clearing up but I won’t hold my breath for the latter.

Riding over Panorama I noticed the apartments which I watched being constructed are now complete and up for sale. The notice reads that there are three apartments for sale but does not indicate whether they are available singly. There is a phone number which I think is in Estonia.

I delivered bread to Lucia and the Brügmanns then put on their wash which was waiting by the door. It was then the turn of the dogs to be fed and the DDs for completion. After washing up it was time for a cup of tea and to sit in the sun. It was quite sunny but also windy so I stopped at summer shorts and no footwear.

There was a printer to install at LBS as well as a scanner. Another wash to put on for Mickey and a conversation about next winter. He’s planning ahead but has some reservations. I always have very low expectations in these situations.

A French couple with a Swiss ID and a caravan arrived and are now opposite Lucia next to the commercial kitchen. They plan to stay for a few days before exploring the remainder of the island. We spoke French.

The next arrivals were Nina and Korel returning from their trip around the island with lots of washing. The first lot went on immediately, I expect there will be another tomorrow…

Bona came to drink Hell and possibly do some cleaning. Marisa replied to my message so it looks as though she might be joining us for the summer season. It will be good to see Kira and I wonder if she remembers me. She will have grown I expect.

Matthew returned my call so I was able to wish him a happy birthday. He tells me his father, who is eighty, is in hospital with a brain bleed. I’d forgotten that he used to be a wrestler so some of those bangs on the head may be coming home to roost. Matthew was just off on the bus to visit him, in the Victoria, I think.

Lucia presented me with a new cover for my cushion fashioned from her beach towel and some other material. It has a ‘No Dogs’ logo in the center!

The wind strengthened as the day progressed, I finished off at LBS before processing the DDs as the dogs were anxious to eat for some reason. The weather for the next few days is unsettled with some rain forecast for Friday and wind tomorrow which is likely to be much stronger than today.

Cooler than yesterday with progressively strengthening wind which will become stronger tomorrow.