The Crash Detectives were investigating an incident where two vehicles collided head-on, one on the wrong side of the road. The detectives discovered, by various means, that the driver of the offending vehicle had been drinking and taking drugs for three days prior to the event and was still twice the legal amount to drive several hours after the event. An eighteen-year-old backseat passenger in his car died at the scene. He was sitting behind the driver and none of the occupants were wearing seat belts. Had he been wearing one, he would probably have survived the collision. Indeed, the front seat passenger walked away from the car virtually unscathed.

The driver admitted his offences and was sentenced to eight years imprisonment. His licence had been revoked before the event and the vehicle, which he’d purchased only days before, was uninsured. Needless to say, it was a write-off. The other vehicle involved in the collision tried vainly to avoid the collision by mounting the grass verge and the driver was just a victim.

It was very interesting to see how the investigators out together the events leading up to the incident. CCTV footage from the store where the driver bought cans of drink and even footage taken by the passengers and posted on social media or recorded in their phones. There were dash cam recordings of the car being driven erratically as well as other road camera recordings. There was no escaping the fact the driver was totally irresponsible.

There was no rain during the night so I was about to get up when I head the sound of rain on the roof. I retired back to my pit leaving sufficient time to be sure it was over. A waste of time as there was another shower whilst we were out causing us to shelter in the big cave for a few minutes. There has been a succession of showers during the day.

The river is still running fast and wide which didn’t stop the dogs from crossing. I had the wrong footware for paddling so doled out biscuits and we went back to the Promontory.

The second walk was round The Promotory again with lots of ball exercise including into the lagoon and the sea. We crossed the rocks and headed back meeting Xanthippos who told me he’d be burning some plant matter which has been gently decomposing for a while. He said the wind was blowing away from the camping and he’d extinguish the fire should smoke drift our way. He’s had trouble in the past when he lit a fire, much closer to the camping, when a strong easterly was blowing smoke directly into the camping.

I cycled over Panorama to the bakery for a loaf but didn’t visit Petrakis as I’d provided for the possibility of inclemency a couple of days before. I was back before the next shower to put on a wash for the young family. I divided it as otherwise it would never have finished due to the weight and volume of stuff.

I did the month’s end summary and prepared the money for Georgia as it’s likely she’ll visit this weekend.

The American couple called to say they wanted to pay so I intercepted them as they were preparing to go through the barrier. They thanked me for the welcome and we chatted a little while until the next shower came. They were interviewed and a video made which is embedded below.

This couple stayed at the camping and left today

I did some IT work at LBS including setting Caroline’s emails to automatically archive as her folder is maxed out. I created several files in her document folders to store the archives.

The DDs finished cooking so I swapped them over for the rice and some beans for me. I processed the DDs, fed the dogs and we’re all inside as darkness falls.

Mild but showery all day with plenty of sunshine. It was cooler than yesterday. Tomorrow should be dry but the weather will remain unsettled during the week.