Good News!

For a change, I didn’t go with BritBox but to the USA for some time with Detective Bosch whose daughter is temping at another police station providing helpful information for an ongoing investigation. After Bosch, I went back to YouTube where I looked at Magic Roundabouts of the automotive kind, a guy and his dog with a secret cabin deep in some forest and then a trip up the Llangollen canal with a couple and their two Westies with another couple following in their boat. They were seen negotiating innumerable lift bridges, unsurprising for the Llangollen. No need for human counterweights as the bridges are fitted with hydraulic winding gear to raise and lower them. Finally, I visited a boat show with some modern and high-end narrow boats on display including a hire boat. Things have definitely come on since we started our canal explorations all of those years ago.

Isabella wanted to go walkabout at three and remained outside until we went for our walk. We were off at 05:20 and back in good time to take the girls and be back before eight. The river is crossable with a decent hop and a skip so we went to Azzuro twice. The moon was out but looking very jaundiced to begin with. Only a couple more appearances for this cycle.

I put on my freshly-charged batteries and rode over Panorama to the bakery. I’d considered a stop at Petrakis as there are DDs in the morning but tomorrow will be fine. Why do today…?

I spent a little time chatting to Lucia who, since Joyce left, is a little out on a limb but seems to get on well with Nina, her more recent neighbour. The French couple with the caravan keep themselves to themselves. I suspect Lucia is looking forward to returning to the Netherlands where she will be able to spend time with her family. She’s threatening to return to Grammeno next year but wants to be at home for a family Christmas.

Caroline contacted me about some little aspects to do with her new computer but I think most angles were covered. She was late in having gone for a routine breast scan.

After my busy day yesterday, I was content to relax a little today. I had an email to reply to about the POS device at Seaford and a quick install of some software on Caroline’s computer. As it turned out, I needn’t have hurried.

The big news item for today is that Marisa and a former colleague will be taking care of the reception office for the summer season. Apparently, this has only very recently become official. Furthermore, she should be starting in “Early May” which could even include Easter although I expect that might be a ‘bridge too far’. Even so, the fact she and someone she’s worked with before will be looking after reception, is very encouraging. Whether she has managed to negotiate other changes is another matter. The current system for recording customer stays is labour-intensive and leads to mounds of unmanageable paper.

Hopefully, Marisa will soon be able to deal with the backlog of unanswered messages languishing in the Grammeno Camping mailbox. I should no longer have to fend off callers who have contacted me in desperation. Indeed, I’ve already had one missed call this evening. Why I didn’t hear the call, I don’t know. At least, from now on, I’ll be able to tell any callers something positive.

With the impending arrival of Marisa, brings the added bonus of Kira who must have grown since I saw her last in October. Between Marisa and her colleague, they should be able to organise sensible shifts as well as times when they will both be in reception. Hopefully, HRH will leave Marisa to organise things her own way keeping her interference to a minimum. She can then pour all of her stress into the new kitchen, restaurant and bar arrangements which involve increased automation resulting in fewer staff.

I will not have to keep going until I’m driven completely mad and have time to do some jobs before the weather gets too hot. Last summer, I was so frazzled after seven or so months, it took me ages just to find myself again.

The afternoon started to get chilly so I was glad to add more layers before feeding the animals.

A more restful and positive day.

A clear and dry morning with only a light, westerly breeze. The sky soon cleared to bring a mostly sunny day. It was just a little warmer than yesterday. The weather is looking quite stable for the next few days.