An evening in Yorkshire with the constables trying to discover who is systematically casing and robbing houses for things of value. An American flogging contraband bourbon and leather jackets. The pub finding ways to save itself after a rent rise and the lord of the manor discharging staff and flogging the family silver. What more could one ask from Heartbeat?

My next was a man in a cabin with his dog during a snowstorm. He didn’t have much to fear as there were houses in the distance. His greatest problem was his diet! I think his dog ate better.

There was a trip through the Standedge Tunnel from west to east. Boaters can now take themselves through the tunnel although there are volunteers on hand to accompany and give useful information as well as navigational advice. Passage is, nevertheless strictly controlled leaving a gap of forty-five minutes between vessels. I imagine passage is restricted to different directions on alternate days or similar. It was interesting to see the tunnel and to hear the guide.

The final video was about rescue buoys which were positioned in the sea initially by the Luftwaffe and then the RAF. I didn’t finish it as I was starting to lose concentration so I went to bed.

There was a great deal of shuffling about during the night mostly from the Siblings. It was a warm night which may have had something to do with it. We were on the road early as a consequence.

All of the dogs walked to Azzuro and back twice then the girls with their hanger-on went to the end of the Promontory and back. We lost the second ball early on and Isabella hung onto the other after initially racing around like mad things. They managed just over 8km but more as that is what I walked so they must have walked and run a lot further.

I rode over Panorama to get a loaf and then back as I shopped for the DDs yesterday. The DDs were put on between the walks so were cooked good and early for a change.

I went to pick up the sheets which Bona washed yesterday evening, took down the blankets and hung sheets on my lines as well as in the camping. A little while later, it poured with rain!

A disemboweled voice from the other side of the fence belonged to Peter who’d decided to visit Grammeno in his recently-acquired VW camper van. His previous one was a copy of the original VW camper about to be resurrected in electric form. I’ve not seen him since 2020 when he last stayed. He went off to research for his Ill Met By Moonlight screenplay as he wanted his version to be more accurate as well as authentic. I asked him how the screenplay had turned out and he explained that he went to see the author to ask his opinion about his work. He discovered that the rights on the book had expired and been sold to a film company who were considering a remake. Peter was understandably annoyed as he’d put a lot of effort into producing the screenplay. He says he’ll let me have a copy to read. He plans to stay a few day.

A lady called Sue rang my phone just as I went to speak to Peter and I’d left the phone with Isabella. Sue turned up just as I got back to the entrance with Peter. She is now parked alongside Peter with her two Terriers one of whom is called Deefer as in D for dog. I explained about Obi, the Other Brown Dog which became OB dog and then Obi (-wan Kenobi). Similar thinking. Sue will stay a few days but is at the end of her visit.

Bona turned up to prepare the cabins for the weekend visitors and put more laundry in the machine. She had a lot of work so requested two cans of Hell to get through it. Diabetes here we come!

I produced a spreadsheet of the monthly takings since 2018 which was interesting. It’s difficult to compare as the start and end dates are different and there are sometimes extra months like last year with May and June and this year with October. The trend however is upward and it’s not a bad little earner considering…

I processed the DDs and lacked imagination so am finishing off the cauliflower I started yesterday. Mr Zeppelin is playing on Radio Paradise and the doggies are sleeping off their dinners.

Other than a few fluffy clouds, the early morning was clear and starry. Some menacing clouds lurked above the mountains and there was a hint of rain in the prediction. It happened so I should have been more cautious with the washing. Still, everything is dry so not the end of the world. Tomorrow should be sunny much of the day and no wind is forecast for the next two days.