The second part of a multiple murder in Oxford provided my evening entertainment. The culprit was eventually apprehended only after attempting to stab DI Hathaway in the neck with a lethal injection. Fortunately, he was wearing a neck collar following a recent rear-end shunt. I messed around on YouTube until bedtime.

The night seemed a little chilly at times, borne out by a nippy north wind as we walked to Azzuro and crossed the rocks. The moon shone atmospherically on the sea and the car with roof tent parked near the Promontory entrance. The two girls’ tent was still present although I suspect they are borrowing some of the camping’s facilities. Should I turn a blind eye?

The girls came out with Skinny just after seven so I was on the road to Paleochora before eight. The wind was cold and against me so I was glad to be wearing plenty of layers. I rode over Panorama stopping only at Anatoli for bread even though Petrakis was open. Tomorrow is the Independence Day National Holiday so I’m not sure if Petrakis will be open in the morning. The ride back was easy with the wind behind and felt warmer too. Work still continues at the rockfall although most of the heavy work is over other than a retaining wall to catch any stray rocks. Pure speculation however I cannot see another purpose for the shuttering which has sprung up.

Lucia was on her own as Betty was fishing, her new obsession. She spends hours standing at the water’s edge trying to catch fish. I know humans who do that too. Bear hadn’t been seen since the previous evening so Lucia was concerned he’d been locked in somewhere. We looking in the Restaurant kitchen but there were no cats to be seen. A message a little while later confirmed bear had been found safe-and-sound with the girls on the Promontory. I was glad as I just wanted to sit down with some tea not wander the camping looking for lost cats.

The sun was shining intermittently so I settled down to enjoy it which included a sleep for an undefined period. I amused myself in various ways including declutterring and chucking away some of the accumulated rubbish. I listened to a couple of interesting YouTube interviews whilst doing so.

Maria sent a message to say there were punters booked into Ξ1 and that she would ask Georgia the price. I replied that there were punters in that cabin who were paying 30€ so we should stick to that. I asked her to organise a price list for April but I’m not holding my breath as administration and communications leave more than a little to be desired. I can see that some of the punters who called me during the week now have bookings. Possibly as a result of me forwarding the emails I got the punters to send to me. I’ll be pleased when Marisa arrives and takes over the bookings but that is not for another seven weeks!

Having been told the punters for this evening would not arrive before six, a very useful and helpful piece of information, I decided to feed the animals and prepare food for myself. Hopefully, these punters have visited the camping before so it will just be a matter of conveying them to their accommodation, Ξ2. I expect they’ve gone for a nice meal somewhere so will pitch up halfway through the evening or perhaps not at all..

The day has been far from energetic although not what I’d refer to as hot