Restful Saturday

A gripping episode of Line of Duty ended in a knife-edge situation. It would seem that the powers of darkness have their tentacles at all levels and are determined to cover every aspect of their misdeeds. I watched intellectual stuff on YouTube but fell asleep.

I woke at three and went for a wander with Sasha and Skinny. Sasha came for the ride but Skinny had a purpose as did I. We returned to bed until the alarm an hour later.

I can’t say it was cold nor dark as the moon was bright and unhindered by cloud. There was no wind to speak of except a light, northerly breeze when walking to Azzuro. There is still something lurking on the rocks but neither they nor I found it. I doled out biscuits and we walked in the darkness to Azzuro. It was starting to get light as we headed back to the Promontory but I didn’t turn off their lights until we were at the highest point on the rocks.

Skinny had a bone to keep him occupied so it was just the girls and I on the next trip to the rocks. We left around 06:40 and were back around forty minutes later having adequately chased the ball to everyone’s satisfaction.

I washed up, made tea and sat until around eight before going for a ride over Panorama and back for no other reason than accomplishment. There was no need to visit Petrakis and I no longer share bread so had some from yesterday.

Upon my return, I fed the dogs and made a second cup of tea before reclining. Later, I wandered the camping to see how many rooms were available as I knew I’d need at least one for Georgia’s fiends and possibly one other. Only Ξ6 was available for the twin rooms as 1+2 were as they were from earlier in the week.

I collected money from Michael with the motorbike as he and his lady friend will leave tomorrow to sample the delights of Sougia. Michael is planning to visit Gavdos once he’s alone again as he has time should, for any reason, he get marooned there.

I collected their money and that of the Spaniards who also leave tomorrow after four months on the camping. They joked about out coming for a few days and staying a few months. Not a new story for Grammeno. They are staying a little while at their new abode in the mountains before returning to Spain to settle their affairs there.

The woman who I tried to palm off to Maria had no success at contacting her so came back to me to request accommodation. She finally settled for a twin cabin as their third party had made other arrangements. Indeed, I’ve not long received a call from her to say they’re heading this direction on the National Road and will arrive around seven-fifteen. It doesn’t fill me with joy but at least I can work around their arrival time and I have a room ready for them to occupy. They will go into Ξ1 or 2 of their choosing as both have now been cleaned and Bona was just leaving as I went down to check. The bathrooms were in a bit of a state this morning so needed some cleaning. I didn’t feel so inclined…

The remainder of the day has been quite slow as I spent time reading and enjoying the mild weather. I’ve had plenty of contact with the punters having spent time with all of the customers at some point.

Lucia took Betty to see the Temple of Apollo near Corinth. She has another day or so of sightseeing before leaving from Patras to Ancona on Monday evening. She plans to visit Austria on the journey to meet up with some people she met on the camping in October when it was so busy. The two couples only came for a night or two but stayed nearly two weeks. Must be something in the Grammeno water.

The dogs are now fed but only Maya and Isabella remain outside with me as I sent the others in for creating too much racket. I’m not exactly rushing for I’d prefer to get the punters settled before calling it a night and getting something to eat. It will be dark when they arrive but they’re frequent fliers anyway so know where everything is. I should have taken an executive decision yesterday evening and saved everyone some pain. Still, the seem a nice couple…

Today was cooler, as forecast but still almost windless, cloudless and plenty warm enough. Tomorrow is forecast to be slightly warmer but the first part of the week even warmer but with some cloud. Next week is looking quiet on the wind front