I tried Season one, episode one of Trigger Point and it was ok. There were a few twists and turns and the ending was unexpected. I grazed YouTube and actually managed to go to bed before falling asleep. An afternoon nap helps.

I had a checkout to attend to at 07:00 so the alarm was set to 04:45 where it will stay as it’s now lighter. We were back in time for me to check out Michael who is off on his Royal Enfield to Gavdos for a visit. I mentioned the possibility of being marooned on Gavdos if it gets too windy for the ferry to sail, which is not very. He will return to Grammeno as I have a large kitbag containing his motorcycle wet weather gear and a few other items he will not need during his stay. We explored some of the meaning of maroon as he didn’t understand the concept of being marooned on Gavdos. The emergency signal maroon further complicated things as I had to explain the use of a maroon to call lifeboatmen from their normal work to launch the vessel to save lives at sea. Then I mentioned the colour…

Afterwards, I took the girls and Skinny for some ball-throwing on the Promontory but, unfortunately, the ball Isabella produced was more than a little past its prime having the aerodynamics of a breeze block. There was an abundance of huffing and puffing so I’d achieved my goal.

I visited Petrakis for some fresh vegetables but had already enough to produce the DDs which I left cooking. The electric cutter I use to process the DDs is nearing the end of its useful life so I looked for an alternative whilst in Petrakis. They don’t have the same product so I might get one online.

I was settling down to a day of inactivity when I received a call from the couple who arrived on Sunday. They are leaving for Rethymno and to tour the island. Later, the French couple called so that they could pay as they’re leaving tomorrow. We had a lengthy chat, which was good for my French, although Mme can manage in English, but I needed some practice. They say they may come again, perhaps in the winter.

We’re down to three motorhomes all of which are on the beachfront. I think the lady on her own will stay until she catches her ferry as she says she has everything she needs.

I still have the DDs to process if I can coax the cutter to work. The motor is still fine just the spindle which locates the rotor with the blades has become detached. I keep meaning to buy some adhesive to reattach it.

I spent a while reading about the transfer of BritBox to ITVX at the end of April. ITV are encouraging viewers to subscribe to their premium service for 60€pa. A bit of a shock to me as I subscribed to BritBox via a special offer and have been paying half of that for the past couple of years. I understand, although these are shifting sands, that existing BritBox subscribers will be transferred over to ITVX come the end of the month. Handy for me if it happens as I renewed in December for only 30€! Otherwise, I’ll take a monthly subscription to see how things stack up before committing to an annual one.

Mike Fuller contacted me to ask about his gameforlife emails which made me nervous as I thought that matter was dead and buried. He contacted me later to say that everything was normal again. I also read that it takes around twenty-four hours for the new certificate to filter through the system. I ran a server health script which produces very detailed information and helpful advice about how to remedy potential problems discovered during the scan. I can see that there’s a new security upgrade for Exchange 2016 which I plan to install on Sunday when I can take the server offline with minimum disruption.

Further research shows that Exchange 2016 and 2019 reach end of life in 2025. I suspect that it’s uneconomic to upgrade to server 2019 even if Microsoft decide to extend its life. Microsoft is encouraging users to their Microsoft 365 cloud service which is part of Office 365. There are tiers, the cheapest is £5/month per seat (user) double that if you need the Microsoft Office Suite of desktop apps. I shall encourage Inter Sport to either move to a basic, Linux mail server or migrate to the cloud service offered by Microsoft. I can still play around with it but don’t have to concern myself with upgrades, maintenance or hardware. EG are using the online service but they have it for nothing as they’re a charity.

A cool but very clear start to the day followed by plenty of sunshine and warmth with no significant wind. Tomorrow and Friday are forecast to be cooler however the weekend should be warmer and sunnier.