I didn’t have a lot of time so watched the episode of Porridge where some purloined pills fall into Fletcher’s mug of tea. Then it was a complicated but interesting YouTube tutorial about graph creating and pivot tables in Google sheets. I went early to bed.

There was no wind when I went outside to get dressed as I only had thin shorts inside as it was warm yesterday but cooler today. We took the same route starting with Azurro and then the Promontory. Later, our man was up and off out to get some work but I suspect it didn’t work out as he was soon back at his camp. He commented that he’d received no doggy visitors since my change of itinerary however plenty of insect visitors. They’ve been very active due to the warmer weather.

Only the girls came out on the second walk and we didn’t find Nina with the bears. I suspect their dogs were walked just before they left the camping.

I didn’t’ need anything from Paleochora so went on a short run but not far from the camping as it’s been a while since I ran more than 1km or so. Now that there is a decent path to run on, I’m going to try to do it more frequently.

Michael, with the Enfield sent a text to say he’d returned so I brought his big bag back to him and then went for a shower before collecting money from the Italian Couple and suggesting they visit the Irini Gorge since Samaria is not open yet. They left shortly after and Nina came back from Paleochora with a box full of spinach Kalitsounia which she gave me for helping with the document printing for their Slovenian visitors. Apparently, the trip was a success and there’s another coming up soon as well as, hopefully, one in September.

I went back to make up the DDs and finally get some tea! It was nothing like as warm as yesterday when I sat down with my mug so I put back on some of the layers I’d removed earlier. There is a northerly wind and the sky was overcast.

Walter and Helga’s friends are staying another night so they paid for that and there was another German couple who arrived and are now down parallel to the beach. There’s a bit of a German exclave in that area now. In fact, there are only Germans here now that the Slovenians and Italians left.

There was a support call from Inter Sport about their additional computer and switch and one from LBS as Stephen’s printer had gone offline. I fixed the printer problem with the help of Caroline who stayed on after work.

I received a message from Crystal asking if I’d provide a personal reference which I did. The plan is to have a longer conversation tomorrow.

I wandered the camping a couple of times collecting and distributing electricity meters but it was chilly as well as windy although there were some brief, sunny intervals later.

I cleared a little of the clutter from around my bed then processed the DDs.

There were more calls for summer bookings and for Easter too. I deflected them all to the website as I have no prices for Easter so will leave it to Maria as she should finish school for the Easter holidays so she might as well be useful.

Quite a productive day in all.