I watched the sequel to Top Gun on Netflix which I’ve subscribed to for a month. The catalogue is quite extensive so I shall explore.

The sky was no longer orange in the morning and the wind had dropped but I still put on a coat as it was not too warm. We walked the usual route then I took the girls without Skinny as he wanted to stay inside.

I rode to the bakery with a stop at Petrakis for tomorrow’s DDs and something more interesting for me too. The ride back was against the westerly wind.

I fed the dogs following a brief pause then went to gather money from the German couple with the caravan. I had a chat with Jessica and Patrick. She will leave on Monday, taking Chesmo with her, and Patrick will fly back on Friday.

I had a period of inactivity and tea-drinking before doing a few small jobs around and about. I’d considered tidying up the compound a little but lost enthusiasm as there were more interesting things to take my attention.

I reset Janne and Erica’s electricity counter and fiddled around with a little camera I’ve had knocking around for a while. It’s a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera but without the Pan which is why I have it. So long as you don’t mind just Tilt, Zoom and sound, it’s fine.

I made food for myself and the dogs then fell asleep in the sun. I was woken by a couple of walkers who are staying the night with their tent. The only arrivals of the day other than a German couple with a huge motorhome which is down by the beach next to the sliding gates opposite the bar.

Janne called from Athens to say that they will now arrive in the Small Hours so I shouldn’t wait up to welcome them. I’ll let Maya do that anyway although last time she didn’t make a sound to my utter surprise.

Otherwise, little meaningful activity.

The day was fairly clear but cool to begin but the moon was behind banks of clouds. There was wind but it was mostly warm and sunny.