Today has been a busy day.

I was contacted by the family with young children by text last evening with a request for the washing machine. I didn’t see the message until I was out with the Girls so they washed their clothes this morning.

Coming back from the first walk, I could hear an alarm which turned out to be the inverter as the battery was low so it tried to transfer to Grid. The Grid wasn’t working due to the effects of the salty sea air on the breaker contacts. I took out the copper bus bar and cleaned it but the BMS also needed a restart which requires a quick disconnection.

I went to Paleochora for bread and took out the washing and collected the money from the departing family. They left their clothes to dry and came back to collect them later.

The day was a succession of small interruptions including a failed till at IS Seaford. The other computer there had been brought from Lewes so would not work on their network without some reconfiguration.

A couple arrived in a motorhome and Noël let them in and put them in bay 3 where I took over as I was on the phone when they arrived.

Another couple just arrived with their tent which they’re putting down by the sea. They are the first so can take the best spot. Others said they would come on Friday-Sunday.

I had a selection of calls and other requests for information which I also dealt with. The doggy rice went in late as did my beans. I wanted to wash some stuff as I said I’d share a wash with Jamie. He said he’d bring his five items (or less) but the machine was in use by the time he did. His stuff is dry so he can have it back in a few minutes.

I shall be glad when the Easter period is over and even more glad when Marisa arrives on or about 15th.

Fortunately, there are only a few accommodation bookings so less for me to do. Others may decide to come at the last moment but may be put off by the potential windiness.

I’m quite keen to eat so this is short.

A very calm day with lots of sunshine. Tomorrow and Saturday could be a little windy.