On The Go All Day

There was no wind for the Early Walks but the chill in the air kept me focussed.

I went over Panorama to Petrakis to get carrots and cabbage for the DDs. The girls, Skinny and Luis had some raw cabbage this morning which I might regret before too long.

The morning started quite calmly but then Nick from Seaford contacted me about his computer problems. I tried to connect him to his data but without success.

The day then degenerated into a succession of arrivals and departures with a laundry thrown in for good measure.

As a result, I’ve spent much of the afternoon and evening walking around the camping with customers so I’m quite tired. Fortunately, I don’t need to cook anything as I still have the last part of the Festive food to eat. Assuming I don’t fall asleep beforehand.

The arrivals included: a German couple in a motorhome, a German couple with a tent, the Greek girls in the rental tent which is a first for the season, a Belgian couple in a motorhome who wanted the washing machine immediately, a Swiss couple in a large Mercedes van who are staying only one night. The last of my weekend visitors left but one extended their stay and even invited friends. The French group which arrived last night paid and will leave tomorrow.

So, now I’m going to get something to eat then fall asleep in front of the box.