Dexter Morgan doesn’t seem to be making much progress with the ice truck killer but at least his sister is getting some credit. Dexter despatched a particularly gruesome couple involved in people trafficking from Cuba then extorting extra money from the sponsor at point of delivery. This unwilling or unable to pay the extra found their relatives washed up on one of the beaches. Once dealt with, the couples’ bodies were also put into the sea but they were weighted to avoid discovery.

There was some precipitation during the night as well as some as we set off. I ignored it as it was very little and hoped it would not worsen. We completed our walks and then I went over Panorama and around Paleochora just for the exercise but I must charge the bike batteries tonight.

The electricity ran out quite early in the night and there’s been little good charging sun today. Rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow although it remains to be seen if this will be a reality.

It brightened up once I got back. I took Bona her fix and returned with a bag of sheets to hang up as compensation. I fed the dogs and made tea. Later, I received a call from an older couple who took the place vacated by a couple with a baby. The older couple left but the younger couple return to find their former place free. I did a bit of a double-take when I saw their van again. They said they might come back but I wasn’t expecting to see them quite so soon!

There were no other departures only a couple with a small boy in a VW camper who are now alongside the restaurant kitchen with permission to change places when the lady opposite leaves tomorrow. However, I think they’re grown to like their place even though they wanted to park right by the sliding gates to the beach which I refused as it blocks the sea view of anyone in Ξ3-6.

Today was calmer than yesterday although I did a wash for the new arrivals. The weather was variable with short showers, a pain with a line-full of sheets. There was also some wind and the sky clouded over around midday.

A mixed day but certainly not cold, just cloudy. There is a risk of thunderstorms tonight with some rain early morning!