There was a large Mercedes van parked opposite the field which I felt I’d seen elsewhere. It was later that we met the owner with his dog. He’d been to the camping previously and is a physiotherapist so strapped up my annoying tendon injury when they arrived in the camping later.

I managed to walk a little easier but avoided the rocks and still cut the walk short. The girls met Nina with the bears just as we were heading back so we went together onto the beach and did lots of ball-chasing without much walking which was good for me. It was well past nine and there was no urgent need to visit Paleochora so I fed the dogs and sat down with some tea.

The French couple needed a wash so I put that on and then went to the office to see Marisa who explained that her paperwork had been submitted but was still not registered on the government website. She and I sat unofficially in reception sorting out POS machines, printer/scanner and so on until early afternoon when I went back to the dogs. I’d made the DDs earlier so it was just a matter of processing them using the new cutter which arrived yesterday evening.

Something had eaten the POS power cable so I collected that up with the other clutter retrieved from the cupboards to sift through and dispose of accordingly. Not today as I’ve not had time due to an important Fika engagement later in the afternoon. I had time to fix the power cord to one of the POS machines, the other machine is redundant so I’m told.

The Fika engagement was good fun as Erica suggested I might bring Luis to avoid any barking outbursts. He was quite relaxed most of the time but was unable to resist chasing the cat.

I fed the dogs having put on an overnight load from Janne and Erica who are leaving Saturday so we’re going out to eat tomorrow. We plan to try the new restaurant which has recently opened under new management.

I feel I wont be late to bed this evening after a busy day. No more arrivals hopefully and three departures tomorrow leaving me only today’s arrival, Gabi and Manfred and just Jamie and Nina.

Warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine and no wind. The weekend is still forecast to be warm but cloudy.