Horrid day

Ironside easily worked out the inside job of the missing art treasure hidden in the back of another item.

Before retiring to my boudoir, I swapped my blankets for the duvet as I knew it would be a lot colder in the night. It was with difficulty that I extracted myself when the alarm went off but Isabella was having none of it so I was up and out.… Read the rest

Lazy Sunday

The night was warm although the morning was less so once we were walking down the Promontory. I hadn’t put my hat on which was a mistake and it was breezy as we crossed the rocks. Nevertheless, we kept a good pace going so were soon heading towards Plakaki where we paused a moment for the dogs to nose around and for me to admire the seascape and mountains.… Read the rest


Perry Mason solved another difficult murder and protected his client from jail. I was amused the Paul Drake, Perry’s faithful detective, phoned into his messaging service to retrieve his messages. To think that I used an automated messaging service before the advent of the home answering machine and the mobile phone.

Fido DIDN’T get me up in the night for a change however Skinny and Isabella were quick to turf me out once they heard the alarm.… Read the rest

Back to ‘normal’

Our guest passed a peaceful night between the decking and the awning area. She showed interest when I picked Fido up and escorted him to the awning door. He’d woken me up but when I opened the van door and he saw a large Rug outside, his desire to go out to pee evaporated. Having woken me up, I wasn’t going to stand for that and he was going out whether he chose to or not.… Read the rest

Lucky Luis

I wasn’t in my pit for more than a few moments when there was a barking outside the gate. I recognised the bark so concluded that to get some peace, she needed to be let back in. I put on my shorts and shoes then went to let her in. There was no more sound until the morning.… Read the rest

Early flasher

I became a little sidetracked so it was getting late when we eventually went inside. Our hairy visiter had been sent off home to find something to eat. I managed to find time to prepare something to eat and to get a shower before it was time for bed.

We still appear to have an invader of some kind as Luis and Fido keep leaping up to see what is lurking at the front of the van.… Read the rest

Smart Shunt

There was a little more Obi activity this morning and a little Skinny barking when I let him and Isabella out. Unfortunately, I was in the loo at the time so it might have woken the neighbours.

Out Early Walk was warm, in fact it was too warm so I wished I’d left one of my layers behind.… Read the rest

A visitor

It blew hard from the east all night so I was glad to be tucked up in my warm bed. I found it equally difficult to extract myself from my warm bed when the alarm went at 06:05 so it was not until over fifteen minutes later that I rose to release Skinny and Isabella on the Obi who was, as usual, outside.… Read the rest

Eyes on the field

Not even Fido wanted to go out during the night and there was no Obi barking! As a consequence of the Obi barking and the feeling of exposure, I’ve fitted up a CCTV camera at the end of the roof. The camera looks at the gate and over the field. It’s a cheap PTZ camera which means it’s possible to change the direction of view which is quite handy as it’s mounted high up for a good field of operation.… Read the rest

Barking Obi in the night

Obi is a conscientious guard dog so nearly always sleeps outside, summer and winter. Only under particularly horrible conditions does he sleep inside at night. I was surprised to hear him bark at 02:50 especially as he continued to do so. He wasn’t so much barking just woofing so as to warn everyone and to make his presence felt to any would-be intruders.… Read the rest

Lemoned out

A Blast from the Past with a visit to Heartbeat. A former resident of Aidensfield, now a traveller and showman, comes back with his family to visit his birthplace as he has terminal cancer so not long to live. The residents are far from pleased to see a large truck and caravan parked on the common land.… Read the rest


I watched an interesting episode of the WWII drama Secret Army which depicts the activities of the Resistance attempting to return RAF fliers via Spain to England. The local Gestapo decide to use a downed Wellington in which all crew members were killed to attempt to infiltrate the Lifeline Pipeline with a young Gestapo officer, Ernst Stoller.… Read the rest


Luis and Fido were being terriers in the night and dealing with a mouse. I’m not sure of the status of the mouse but there was a lot of rushing around and noise. Hopefully, not for nothing.

Isabella and Skinny detected movement so were urging me to get out of bed which I did. It was 05:50 but close enough with little chance of any productive sleeping before the alarm.… Read the rest


The evening was shorter than usual due to a technical problem with Terry’s laptop which involved reinstalling Office 365 over a 4G link. It did its best! I was later to bed than usual as I needed to eat having got his machine operational again.

The night was a lot cooler as was the morning. I let Isabella out at some ungodly hour.… Read the rest

All alone…

It was a good idea to put the duvet away as I ended up sleeping under only a sheet at one point. For some reason, I keep waking up before the alarm so I was out on deck just after 06:00. It was 18℃ by this time as the temperature had been rising all night.

We set off across the field to a wonderfully clear sky with the dawn in the background.… Read the rest

Fully charged

Part of the evening’s entertainment was an episode of Ironside in which the chief is held hostage in his own office by a couple who overpower the guards and evade the cells. Ironside manages to thwart their escape from the building almost singlehandedly although the waiting officers in the lobby were quite handy to cart the men off back to the cells.… Read the rest


The weather station has been relocated to the corner post of the fence as it’s no longer possible for it to live in the field next door. I needed to extend the pole slightly.

The forecast was for a wet start which fortunately didn’t materialise. I waited a few moments before rising then got dressed and went outside.… Read the rest


Secret Army and the Crown entertained me during the evening. The Secret Army episode was a little depressing due to the reality of agents being betrayed and shot. The episode of The Crown was the Thatcher major cabinet reshuffle, her and Dennis at Balmoral and the visit to Balmoral of Diana Spencer a little later. Diana was able to pass her Balmoral Test with flying colours.… Read the rest


There was around 7mm rain during the night. The noise woke me up so I derived great pleasure in thinking how warm and comfortable it was in my bed and how cold and miserable it must be outside. Further thoughts were lost as I fell back to sleep. Fido went out only once during the night.… Read the rest


Thanks to the imperfect weather conditions I had an excuse not to leap out of bed at 06:05. The forecast was on about showers and there had been some heavy ones earlier, however, none occurred between 06:00 and 07:00.

I was awake a little in the night as Fido made it his mission to see how many times he could go in and out of the van during the night.… Read the rest

In the kitchen

A dry night unlike the forecast for tonight. We were up and out by 06:30 and my torch was off soon after. Not that it was light but I could see well enough without it. With the torch, I mostly see a pool of light in front of me. Without it, I can make out where the dogs are most of the time.… Read the rest


The forecast warned of early rain which turned into a couple of short showers producing less than 0.4mm between them. There was one soon after the alarm which caused me to pause before getting out of bed however, Isabella and Skinny soon made me get up.

The morning was warm and not too dark as dawn was close by.… Read the rest

Xanthippos’ legacy

As foretold in the WU tea leaves, there was rain early this morning. I was awake at 05:40 so read the papers for a little while waiting for the rain or the alarm. The alarm came and went but I lingered in my pit for another five or so minutes and then the rain fell. Around 1.5mm in the forty-five minutes of precipitation.… Read the rest

Royal Visit

I felt hot when I woke up so looked at the news on my phone for a while waiting for the alarm. My plan was to go into Paleochora later to get some food for Isabella so it would be after 10:30 anyway. I got up as it was a reasonably mild and still day although there is no moonlight in the mornings yet.… Read the rest


I was surprised by the alarm as I was in the middle of something extremely complicated so I was glad to be woken up. Reality is complicated enough.

We were out in the gloom just after 06:30 to a very cloudy sky which has stuck with us for most of the day. Dawn was just about making an appearance but had to compete with the clouds.… Read the rest

Caught in the act

We left a little later this morning as I thought the dog from last night might have been outside the couple’s van. As it turned out, we passed by with only the minimum of barking and it was from her not my lot.

It was warmer so I wasn’t wearing a coat but much cloudier than I thought it would be from the forecast.… Read the rest

A customer!

For some reason, I was awake early. Certainly not through cold as my duvet was very warm and comfortable. I was keen to get back to sleep having let Charlie out. Very unusual to have to let him out.

There was a little wind and it was still on the cool side but not as bad as the previous day.… Read the rest

Skinny goes hungry

The wind kept us company for most of the night so it was an unwelcoming morning which encouraged me to stay in bed until 06:35. There were a few drops of rain very early on however it was great not to have to go out to find everything wet first thing in the morning.

Dawn was breaking as we crossed the field and headed for the Promontory.… Read the rest

Definitely winter!

I prepared my bed with the duvet as, up until now, I’ve been using only a sheet and a fleecy blanket or two. These conditions call for reinforcements as the roof vent above my bed is always open and the van door also has a gas vent and fits only where it touches!

My evening viewing included The Crown episode where Lord Louis is blown up on his fishing boat in Ireland and June’s brother lost his life at the Warrenpoint ambush with seventeen other soldiers.… Read the rest

Indefinite lockdown

Skinny was the unlikely candidate to get me out of bed a couple of times during the night. He woke me up by making pathetic noises then asked to be let out. I’d not long gone back to bed when he was outside the door wanting to come back in. A couple of hours later, he was demanding another exit visa to I got out of bed once more.… Read the rest

Rainbow day

The weather is rather unsettled at present with heavy showers mostly in the early mornings, however, today the showers have been quite heavy and more prolonged during the day too.

It was wet at getting up time so I waited a while before committing to the morning’s activities. I finally decided it would be worth taking a chance so got the dogs ready and set off.… Read the rest