I am Charlie

I was born on 28 October 2015 and am one of seven puppies from my mum, Missie, who now has a wonderful home in Germany. I have lived all my life outside in a lovely location right by the sea. We go for walks every morning in a beautiful place, only a couple of minutes away, where we can play, dig, swim and have fun in the sand. I like to go in the water but I’m not as keen as some of the girls.

Five of my siblings now have forever homes in other countries. The first to go was one of my brothers who now lives in Austria, the second was another brother, Malloy, who now lives in Germany, not far from where our mother also lives. Two of the three girls now live in UK and the other, with her brother, in Germany. I’m hoping that soon I will have someone who wants me in their home

I am the smallest of the bunch and I’m a little more reserved. I’m happy to play with the rest of the gang but I also like my own space. I’m not an in-your-face kind of a dog.

  • Here are some more details which might interest you:
  • I am black and brown as you can see from the pictures
  • I am a boy
  • I weigh about 13kg
  • I am cm tall
  • I have been sterilised so won’t go wandering off in search of a girlfriend
  • I’ve had all my regular doggy jabs and parasite treatments
  • I know how to sit nicely, especially if you offer me a treat
  • I know my name and will come when you call me
  • I get on well with other dogs once we are acquainted and love to chase and play with the others
  • I’ve lived all my life in the country so don’t really know much about cars and roads. You will need to spend time with me so I understand and am not afraid
  • I am clean in my kennel but I’ve never lived in a house

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