I visited Corfu with the Durrells for the non-wedding event at the end of season one.

The night started off cool but warmed up by morning. I made sure everyone had been out at bedtime so there were no disturbances other than Luis barking at something for a short while.

It was a change to be windless as well as lighter in the morning. Not that the sun will rise any earlier until after the 13 January. It was clear and fresh so started to warm up once the sun put in an appearence.

We did our walk up the end of the Promontory in good time then over the rocks and down towards Plakaki. The sea had remodelled the beach leaving a reasonably flat area of sand which was hard underfoot so allowed good progress. It seemed as though we were turning around and on our way back in almost no time.

As we approached, I could see a car had arrived and someone was getting out. I wondered if it might be someone walking a dog so took a route over the eastern rocks to avoid any conflict. It is much harder to find a way through the rocks so more demanding walking. We ended up at the end of the Promontory where we stopped to let everyone catch up.

The sun was warm so we spent a little time admiring the views before heading back to the camping for breakfast. I’d considered riding into Paleochora for some shopping but then remembered the holiday and expected the shops to be closed.

I fed the dogs, cats and anything else that put in an appearance before making my own. I sat down to read my emails and respond to some texts.

I spent much of the remainder of the day writing a piece for the funeral. I’ve passed on the first draft to the editor-in-chief.

I wandered down to the beach and got into a conversation with the Estonians for a while. I’d warned them about the possibility of some cold and rainy weather during the Cretan Winter. Now they think I was making it all up as the weather has been so fine for the past few weeks. I pointed out that it was far from fine this day last year when it was cold, raining and blowy. I remember as I took Isabella and Skinny to the visiting vets in Kalamos. This year people were walking dogs on the beach and even enjoying the sea!