I am Minnie.

I was born on 28 October 2015 and am one of seven puppies from my mum, Missie, who now has a wonderful home in Germany. I have lived all my life outside in a lovely location right by the sea. We go for walks every morning in a beautiful place, only a couple of minutes away, where we can play, dig, swim and have fun in the sand. I like to go in the water summer or winter and to dig and play in the sand. I have a boyfriend called Micky and we love to run together and play on the beach.

I am the largest of the seven puppies. Although I enjoy my food, I don’t ever seem to put on much weight. A bit like my mum in other ways too.

I like other dogs and I like people too. Once I get to know you, you’ll see just how affectionate I can be. I do like to run about quite a bit but I’m happy to sleep all day so long as you take me on a nice, long walk.

Here are some more details which might interest you:

  • I am brown and black as you can see from the pictures
  • I am a girl
  • I weigh about 14kg
  • I am cm tall
  • I won’t have any babies as I have been sterilised
  • I’ve had all my regular doggy jabs and parasite treatments
  • I know how to sit nicely but I’m a bit of a fidget
  • I know my name and will come when you call me
  • I get on quite well with other dogs
  • I can be a bit bouncy so younger children might need supervision until I get the hang of it
  • I’ve lived all my life in the country so don’t really know much about cars and roads. You will need to spend time with me so I understand and am not afraid
  • I am clean in my kennel but I’ve never lived in a house


I now live with my forever family near Hanover in Germany