I am Pea

I was found on the beach in March 2017. I was cold, wet and hungry. I’d been living rough with my mummy for some while.  I now live outside, in a lovely location, right by the sea. We go for walks every morning in a beautiful place, only a couple of minutes away, where we can play, dig, swim and have fun in the sand. I love to go in the water at every possible opportunity.

I like to explore, dig and roll in the sand. I play with my mum a lot and we have great games together. If you adopt me, you don’t have to take Princess as well as I’m sure she’s quite capable of looking after herself and would secretly be glad to get shot of me!


Here are some more details which might interest you:

  • I am white as you can see from the pictures
  • I am a boy
  • I was born early in 2017
  • I weigh about 5kg
  • I am cm tall
  • I have been sterilised so won’t go wandering off in search of a girlfriend
  • I’ve had all my regular doggy jabs and parasite treatments
  • I know how to sit nicely, especially at meal times
  • I know my name and will come when you call me
  • I’m very affectionate and like to be made a fuss of
  • I love to run and play with all the other dogs
  • I’ve lived all my life in the country so don’t really know much about cars and roads. You will need to spend time with me so I understand and am not afraid
  • I am clean in my kennel but I’ve never lived in a house

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Pea now lives with his forever family in UK/Switzerland