Lewis and Hathaway kept me entertained as they solved another Oxford-based multiple murder. This is not the first time I’ve viewed the series but the more I see, I realise what a brilliant counterpoint Hathaway is to Lewis. The ghost of Morse was very real in this particular episode.

Checking the weather forecast revealed an approaching storm and potential wetness so I felt it better to wait [in my bed] until it passed. Only a few raindrops fell and a couple of thunderclaps so we went out almost an hour late. Nevertheless, we completed our extended walk but somewhat later than normal.

I rode into Paleochora for a visit to the bakery and Petrakis as it’s DDs day today. I didn’t go over Panorama as I considered it better to shorten the ride to avoid getting wet due to the approaching clouds and the late hour. There were a few raindrops but I managed to get back and put my bike in its garage.

I fed the dogs then started the DDs before going to collect money from Jessica who is leaving today to continue her time-out period with another trip before finally returning to work for a while. I think she’s enjoyed the break from the treadmill and has had time to consider a more meaningful lifestyle.

I eventually sat down with a cup of tea so was able to relax for a while before helping Janne with a new gas bottle connection. They have been without heat for a little while as it was necessary to change the gas regulator and pipes which were too old.

Later in the day, I swapped back the air conditioner/heating units from M6 -> M1 as I’d moved them for people who needed heating in M6. It would be better to swap them permanently but the exhaust pipe diameter is different so requires modification well beyond my pay grade.

The day started off cold, due to the northerly wind, and very cloudy. There was little rain compared with that which was forecast which wasn’t much in the first place. Things picked up in the afternoon with prolonged sunshine that continued well into the early evening. The panels produced 7.1kWh however only 3.12kWh found its way to the battery. I used exactly 1kWh cooking the DDs, the remainder being gobbled up with fridges, computers and other background activities. On a consistently sunny day, the panels would easily have managed the background load and filled the battery to capacity.

After a variable start, the day ended warmer with extended sunny intervals but with a cold, northerly wind to keep the temperature down. Tomorrow is forecast to be windier from the northwest but without significant chance of rain. I suspect it will not be very warm though.

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