Cable in the bar

There was a disturbance in the night but I don’t recall why. Isabella and Skinny were inside and I discovered Oskar was outside when I thought he was in. It’s not such a good idea to leave Oskar out all night as he makes a noise which might explain the disturbance.

Our walks were a copy of the day before except that Isabella was let off the lead for a while until she kept ‘attacking’ the others causing more bother than having her on the lead. When we went back, I left Charlie and Fido with Skinny and Isabella so that they could accompany us on the second walk.

It wasn’t so windy as yesterday so the walks were altogether more pleasant. I was wearing a thin fleece for the first but only a T-Shirt for the second. There were no add-ons and we walked east a far as we practically could, waited a while on the rocks to watch the sea, then walked back. I discovered that my watch had registered only a few minutes of exercise when I’d already walked around the Promontory several times and the length of AlonĂ¡ki Beach. I took off the watch to check the back was clean as it needs a good contact for it to operate correctly. Then I forgot to unlock it and unpause my workout. Consequently, I’ve not recorded all of my activity for today so am a little behind.

Whilst walking, I considered the cable installation in the bar and the lack of customers so concluded that today might be a good time to do the cable which is probably the most disruptive part of the exercise. I gathered up my tools and some cable and headed down to the bar to start work. The sky was very grey and there had already been a few drops of rain. Perfect conditions for cabling I thought. I hate having to do manual work when it’s very hot.

I decided what needed doing and installed a new cable from the box where the switch resides to the bar area. I’d cleaned up all the leaves which had fallen down and was about to call it a day when the duty bar person arrived with the keys so I was able to carry on installing the cable behind the shutters which were previously locked. Other members of staff arrived and drank coffee and Aris brought Mocca his dog. Bona said there was no power in the washing machine room so I went up with her to see if I could get things going as she had sheets to wash in the machine. I found which breaker had tripped so was able to get the power back on. She then asked about how to use the washing machine. Strange to have a woman ask a man how to use a domestic appliance especially as that model has everything in Greek. I know how to use it because I’ve read the manual in English so now know what most of the Greek words mean.

I finished my cabling and went up to release the dogs as it was well past nine. The sky was still very threatening however it looked like it would eventually pass over. I fed the dogs and then myself and settled down to answer some emails. Much of my day was taken up with invoicing and admin however the latter part included checking out a CCTV camera which had suddenly stopped working as well as sorting out some equipment for this new cable at the bar. The existing box is very busy and the network switch is full so needs a larger one. There are four devices requiring POE (Power Over Ethernet) which means there are several PSUs to supply the 48v required to operate the devices using just the ethernet cable. My plan is to use a POE switch so that I can remove some of the PSUs creating more space to accommodate the larger switch by getting rid of some of the clutter. I’m also going to install another WiFi access point as the bar is the most densely populated part of the camping when people are eating and drinking. It’s also near the beach so there are people there who want to use WiFi as well.

I’m going to jump into the shower as my food is nearly ready and I’m grotty after my cable installation earlier.

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