Dining Out

Kostas beat us to the Promontory as he was hard at work when we arrived down at the end. Isabella decided she might go and ‘help’ him but discovered he was not up for her help. I led the others through the lagoon to avoid having them running around on the rocks and getting in his way.

There are still a few vehicles scattered around by Alonaki Beach but no one was around as we walked up or down. I chose to walk on the Big Beach for a change so we went up the west side for the second Promontory walk. There were no signs of turtle activity.

Kostas left as we walked up to the high point to survey the sea and get some biscuits. Once this batch of salt is exhausted, he probably will call it a day.

I Elevated my brain before going out on my bike over Panorama into Paleochora. The dog was present but presumably full as she took only a few biscuits from me before sauntering off. I was watching a large barge which was working on the sea side of a new sea defence nearby. I rode back to Alonaki for a quick splash around in the flat-calm sea. I swam out to the fishing nets and back before riding back to the camping.

The population density of the area to the north is fairly light and the occupants are a decent distance away, the nearest being the rental tent which appears to have a young child amongst the inhabitants. Generally, the camping is becoming less busy by the day. Hopefully, the weekend will see new arrivals. There are requests for monthly prices from November so winter may bring some customers.

I was chilling with some tea when I received an email from Ingo asking if I’d like to join them at the bar for a tea. I wandered down to discover Sylvia on the beach in the shade of a tree with Ingo on an important mission after Kalliope. She was up for going in the sea but the parents weren’t. I chatted with Sylvia a while until Ingo returned and we adjourned to the bar for orange juice. It was not very busy just a few small children entertaining the cats. We talked together whilst Kalliope played with her little girlfriend and the cats. Finally, they decided it was time to go into the sea so I left them to it. We arranged to visit Third Eye as they eat vegetarian food. Apparently, Kalliope is the only deliberate meat-eater.

The day had moved on without me but there were no support tasks only a notice to print for Michael in the office. I put the Doggy Rice in early so that I can feed them before going into Paleochora later. They will be separated and will hopefully remain quiet during my absence. We will not be back late anyway because of Kalliope.

A warm, sunny day with very little wind. It was completely calm for the Early Walk so I was carrying my T-shirt a lot of the t


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