Boulder II

I was persuaded to quit my pit for a nice early walk, even on a Sunday. It wasn’t cold as I didn’t bother to do up my coat or put on a scarf. Venus was waiting as well as a goodly number of stars peeping through the clear sky.

With the first circuit out of the way, we marched up the beach towards the river which now has a series of small islands in the middle of the section just before the sea. It’s wider then it’s ever been but still flowing at a tremendous rate. We had our biscuits and then turned to walk back.

The car which had been present on the previous two passes was still there. What it was doing, I won’t even contemplate. Our trot to the end and over the rocks was uneventful so we were back at the van before seven. I made tea then fed the cats before entertaining my brain and taking Isabella for her ball walk.

By this time, it was broad daylight, the sun was up and it was warming up nicely. The forecast was for a warm, sunny day and that was what was delivered. I ditched my coat as soon as we were back so the dogs were fed in brilliant sunshine.

I prepared the DDs for later then made something for me to eat as I was feeling a little peckish. I sat in the warm sunshine then soon drifted off. I had intentions of doing lots of different things but few of them were achieved.

I managed to muck out the van as this hadn’t been done in some time. Skinny and Obi were inside on the benches asleep and remained there whilst I swept, vacuumed and then mopped the floor. I beat the doggy blanket which is there during the winter and put a foam floor tile underneath for slightly more insulation and comfort.

I then went out on my bike up to the top of the mountain then around Paleochora where people were out enjoying the warm Sunday afternoon. People were sitting outside restaurants suitably wrapped up, admiring the sea from benches or walking their dogs along the promenade. I rode by and headed back to Grammeno with a stop to investigate the brother of the boulder which fell a few days ago.

This boulder is probably a younger brother as it’s smaller. That said, it’s plenty large enough to irreversibly ruin your day.

The new boulder is in front of the original so takes up the remainder of the westbound carriageway.
The latest boulder is to the left of that which fell the other day and has broken into two large pieces. I suspect the area above the rockfall is quite unstable so this is turning into a major event which needs to be dealt with before the holiday season begins and the weather is hot.

Back at the camping, I processed the DDs and put on food for later. Kirsti had previously walked Isabella although the latter has forgotten.

A warm and sunny day but not the warmest by far. My bike thermometer indicated 21ºC as I rode into Paleochora


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