Taking Shape

Some barking from afar terminated my blissful slumbers so I was wide awake for the 05:25 alarm and we were trekking across the field to the Promontory before long. The sky was clear with stars and a planet which was probably Venus but I’m not sure. There was no wind and it wasn’t cold.

I turned off my torch as I walked up the beach towards the river. A fishing boat was moving towards the beach and I could see the navigation lights approaching and the sound of the motor in the distance. There was a clatter of chain as it anchored up.

It was starting to get light as I stood on the rocks at the end of the Promontory gazing at the sea. We went back to the van where we found Sascha waiting.

He’d not slept well in the Azogires ’hotel’. There was a thin blanket and he felt cold so he gave up and came to chat to me. We toured the camping so he could see the works in progress then I left him with Manolis to go ride my bike.

I went up the mountain and around my usual route. It was a little later so more people were about including the man with the dog on his way down from the top. Previously, I met him as he was on his way up.

The dogs were quiet when I got back so I fed them and then myself. I then had a little rest before making up the doggy dinners for later. There was no postman today only a Cosmote bill in the letterbox at reception. I suspect it’s not for Grammeno Camping but will investigate tomorrow.

Dimitris has arrived and started work. Much of the camping has now been raked so that are few areas requiring Tony’s attention with the strimmer. It’s helpful that the Winklers and Marie-Christine are not in the camping so there’s no excuse not to finish the area by the bar. The camping is beginning to look very presentable however there is more work to be done. Michaelis was laying out the ground frame for the new four-person cabins which will be erected in the central area just back from the sea. It looks as though there will be three cabins in that location however I doubt there will be bathrooms as they are close to the main bathrooms and the cubicles.

There was one new arrival, a Frenchman in a camper who met Marie-Christine and Timo at Elafonissi. He might stay a week on my special offer.

I have done a load of washing and changed my sheet. Sheet singular as I now use a double folded over. The DDs have been processed and the rice nearly done so I’ll go for a quick shower before producing food for the mutts.

A mild and sunny day which became progressively windy. Tomorrow is forecast warmer but the wind should die down by midday leaving a warmer afternoon.

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