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There was one, final arrival expected before nine so I didn’t rush to have my beans and rice until later. They finally arrive around eight-thirty and turned out to be the Czech couple who came in April. They knew where they wanted to go so I left them to put up their tent and said I’d see them in the morning.

It was cooler out than in as I stepped onto the decking so I put on a thicker fleece. Only two vans were in evidence, one in the car park, the other on the track. The fisherman, his tent and rods are still in the same location. Azzuro has decided to call it a day as only one umbrella remains with a few loungers scattered beneath it. We completed our walk and returned to the van where I fed Moggy and caught up with today’s leavers.

The girls went out with the balls and Obi joined us as we crossed the rock on the Promontory. He’d disappeared somewhere in the vicinity of Azzuro but at least he came back without me having to look for him.

I rode to Paleochora for some carrots for the DDs tomorrow and for me this evening. I called at the electricians but there was no one at home.

There were two departures today. The mother and daughter with the small boys and the French/New Zealand couple with the VW camper. The latter stayed six in stead of the two or three nights they intended. I saw both departures off the premises then went to put on a wash for the couple in bay3. The first wash of the day. They have a friendly dog which they acquired from somewhere in Greece.

The departures were replaced by two arrivals. A Greek couple on a motorcycle staying in T1 which Maria had kindly remembered to put into the calendar and, later in the day, a Swiss couple who have replaced the mother/daughter in bay 2. I’m not expecting anyone else but the evening is yet young.

I met up with Cornelia who has returned from Krios but will probably go back there as she finds it more restful than Grammeno and Alonáki Beach. I think the traffic bothers her as well as the people driving past to the apartments at the end of the track. Krios is a cul de sac and far from a busy road. Her recent house move to a smaller apartment was stressful as she was downsizing so having to dispose of lots of family paraphernalia. She needs time and peace to recover.

Other than a second wash in the afternoon and another pdf to print, the afternoon was quite restful. I saw a couple at reception taking a photo of the notice in the door with my phone number so maybe more customers to come. The little group were sitting outside Giuseppe’s van as I passed to remove the washing from the machine. They seem to be playing nicely together and Mickey is helping Giuseppe find a replacement for his older satellite system. This works well enough in Northern Europe but Crete may be too far south to receive the desired satellite with sufficient signal strength. A larger dish may be required.

I just put in another wash…

Cooler than yesterday with some cloud later in the day. The wind has moved from southerly to easterly. Tomorrow appears to look similar to today.

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