8mm rain so far

Boris mentioned that he had not signed-up for rain when he agreed to come to Crete. He understood that there would only be sunshine and warm weather and that the dark, wet, cold winters of the UK would be a thing of the past.

This was as he was waiting for me outside the shower just now. There are small windows in the shower room to let in the light but they have no glass. On occasions such as this, when it is raining and blowing hard, the rain comes in.

We had previously been out onto the beach with the puppies and I had been throwing sticks for Boris. The puppies had not been out for about 4 hours so were in need of some light relief. I was pleased to find that they had not left me any little treasures and that their cages were dry despite all the rain. They are sheltering under the beach bar at present but, as there are no sides to the bar, the rain dives in with the wind. They have covers over their cages anyway to stop the wind.
Last night I watched 07:39, following your recommendation, and enjoyed it. There must be some Silent Witness to download as well as Sherlock.

Here is a better weather station for Lewes
Weather station for Lewes

It is better because it is nearer to you and also has a Davis Instruments weather station which is far more accurate and reliable than the cheap and cheerful ones people generally purchase.
I’m not sure why I didn’t find it before…

The rain is still falling…

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