Hot or what!

The above temperature graph for today makes interesting reading. You can see that the temperature has not dropped below 31.8℃ since midnight. As I gazed through the fog of my half-open eyes, I could make out the temperature displayed on the clock at the foot of my bed which read 34℃.

As we trundled across the Grammeno Beach car park I was hoping there would be some kind of wind at the other end of the Promontory. I was not disappointed. Fido galloped after his ball a few times but I was the one flagging. After twenty minutes or so I decided we needed to wander over the rocks to admire the view and make full use of the wind. By this time, Oskar had control of the last remaining flashing ball. Fido was shadowing him in the hope he might drop it sooner rather than later. The pair of them played this game until the reached the other side whereupon the ball was lost.

We were back in good time so I set off on my run. The only other runner was the guy from Paleochora who I passed in about the usual location. We nodded and continued in opposite directions as before. It was a struggle this morning and I must confess to stopping and walking for a few steps at which point, we crossed paths again so I ran. I was glad to be back at the camping to do the watering, feed the dogs and get a shower.

I made some tea and sat to browse my emails of which there were relatively few. At 08:30 I dragged myself onto my bike and rode to Petrakis where I bought half a watermelon for later. I can also report the existence of some decent grapefruit although there are no pink ones still.

The morning passed surprisingly quickly especially as I was joining Sascha and family at Houmas at 14:00. Marie came for me at 13:50 assuming I had obviously forgotten. We wandered round to the restaurant where we were joined by Martin’s son and his girlfriend. Martin asked me during the winter if I would put in a good word for his son at the camping for a job in the kitchen for the summer. Knowing how Grammeno staff tend to come and go, I did not foster any real attempt to progress this. He was, in fact, offered a job but decided to take one at The 3rd Eye restaurant in Paleochora. A good choice indeed. Apparently, he’d been offered a job with a 1,000€ bonus at the end of a successful season. His present job is six hours per day with two days off each week. A bit different from the 7/7 fifteen-hour days at sunny Grammeno. He’s not too enamoured with the idea of working in a vegetarian restaurant but is getting the hang of it. At twenty-one years old, he seems to have things pretty much organised. A lucky escape from Grammeno!

The others went to the Grammeno bar after the meal but I felt the dogs had been left long enough. I had taken a little insurance by awarding both Luis and Oskar the Golden Collar. They both deserved it for raucous behaviour before my departure. It’s still so lovely and quiet now…

The sky is a little hazy and the sun is disappearing behind the storeroom so there is the possibility of the temperature continuing its downward decline towards 30℃ – perhaps even lower maybe…

The dogs require a walk but I will not need to eat much following the yummy Mountain Greens at lunchtime. Perhaps a little salad and some olives later.

Sascha tells me he wants to leave for the airport at 03:00 on Wednesday. That’s not early, it’s half-way through the day!v

Obi has very obligingly allowed me to take the scissors to the mats behind his ears. Previously, he’d always run a mile as soon as I even picked them up! I need to spend more time with Princess as her coat is starting to grow long again. She is very good to work with and stands patiently whilst I hack away.

The silence is deafening! All the dogs are waiting patiently for me to take them out – and no barking since I got back over two hours ago!


I’ve been playing with the Grammeno Camping logo which I pinched from the main website. I have found a way to embed it into emails so that they look a little more professional


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