Princess and Pea are on their way

Ursula and I took the dogs out in the morning after another early morning storm. There was little rain but some exciting thunder and lightning. The walk went without incident and we got back to the camping before the next lot of rain. I had no desire to run in the rain so contented myself with a core workout inside the awning tent. A shower and breakfast followed as well as another visit from Xanthippos who was not actually working. I sometimes wonder if he has anything else in his life other than the camping. I get a little exasperated at times: he was at the gate when I came back from the shower trying to show me a picture of Georgia’s cat devouring a fish which she’d got from the sea(!). Each time he comes to ‘visit’ he makes the dogs bark which is rather annoying when Janne and Erica are here.

By the time I’d humoured Xanthippos, I had only a few minutes to put the batches of food prepared the previous evening, into the freezer before my Saturday morning call.

After the call, I continued getting together everything required for Princess and Pea to travel to UK. Bedding, bowls, food, passports, leads etc. I wasn’t planning to feed them before taking them in the car to Souda as I felt it was better they ate after the journey, before bedtime. It was going to be stressful enough!

I prepared everything then took all the dogs out for a walk to meet Ursula who had gone ahead to the Promontory. We were not out for long as the sky was very threatening and I was definitely not up for a wash! Pea and Princess stayed with Tony and Ursula in T2 whilst I fed the others. Oskar went into his normal bed in the storeroom and Charlie the SDC on his own. I didn’t shut him in the other night as he seemed a little poorly so I left him to choose which of the six kennels he’d prefer to occupy. Charlie can remain quiet all night.

Once ready, I collected Princess and Pea from T2 and headed up to the car. After the previous episode to Maleme, I’d prepared the boot area to contain them in a smaller space with plenty for newspaper to absorb any misfortunes.

We set off around 19:15 and arrived at Souda dead on 21:00, just as David pulled up in his van by the ticket office. He has a UK-registered van which he uses for his musical events with his wife as well as transporting pets to and from Crete. David dealt with the usual port formalities and then I introduced him to Princess and Pea with a short walk around the port area. We transferred all the paraphernalia and I set off back to Grammeno after texting Ursula and Eleanor to inform them of progress.

The journey back through the mountains was uneventful and fairly rain-free. The only rain was as I went into Paleochora before returning to Grammeno. The Brown Dogs were pleased to see me and Charlie came out to say hello since he wasn’t locked inside. I had some food and watched some TV just to wind-down then went to bed.


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