A day at the hospital

The night was punctuated by noise, lights and commotion as they tended to a patient with breathing difficulties. I was given more antibiotics at 04:30 and I got up shortly after.

My operation to repair the tendon was at 09:15 so I donned my pretty blue gown and was wheeled down to the Operating Room. They knocked out my arm and got on with the job. I was heavily sedated so don’t remember much.

Into the recovery room and then back to room two on the fifth floor. I slept for a while. I felt like someone who’d had an operation but got up and walked around to get it out of my system. The nurse said I could go at 18:00 but had heard nothing from Maria about the possibility of a lift so would try the bus station.

The nice lady who visited the elderly man with the breathing difficulties came on the bus with me from the hospital to the bus station. I discovered there was no bus after 16:00 so looked for a taxi. A nice guy called Nikos drove me to Grammeno and we had a good chat on the way. He spent his early years in Athens before coming to Crete.

Everyone, including the dogs, was pleased to see me. I took all seven for a walk together and learned that was a mistake. They were fed, I caught up with emails a bit and we went to bed around midnight. Me and my lump. It’s not the first time I’ve slept with my arm in plaster. Probably the third.

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