Cable fun

At 04:30 I was awake but not quite ready to leap out of bed so I loafed until the alarm announced the new day. It wasn’t long after that we crossed the field and went towards the beach car park where two vehicles were parked. One was the Austrians another a camper van which I didn’t see up close. They were awake as some lights were on. Unless it was because the dogs woke them up.

Isabella picked up a bone she’d found and abandoned the previous day. She had joined Charlie in the flashers club as I wished to reassure myself that she was not sloping off and getting up to no good. She soon re-abandoned her bone to concentrate on annoying Obi mostly but also Oskar. We were all present and correct at the end of the Promontory, crossed the rocks and met at the next point further on. All were present.

Our walk to Plakaki and back was quite dark on the way out so I was able to keep an eye on both flashers. It was getting light as we walked back to the Promontory. I noticed that Charlie had made it that far but he and Skinny disappeared so were not present and the next meeting point. We could hear Charlie barking at something so were intrigued to discover the cause. Following the sound, we discovered Skinny ensconced in the grass with the abandoned bone with Charlie barking at him. Skinny leaped up when the others arrived so we had quite a rapid return to the van. Skinny disappeared inside with the bone however I advised him he needed to dismember it outside.

He and Isabella fooled around outside and the bone was forgotten. I did some IT jobs, meditated and fixed my brain before riding off on my bike up the mountain and back via the PAWS sanctuary where I discovered a lovely female tied to a pallet. I noticed the lid was off the big barrel of dry food and the barrel laying on its side. I put it up and replaced the lid. I then sent a message to Heike in case the dog had been left there by someone. I heard she’d been there a few days, just that I’d not seen her. She’s going to visit the vet tomorrow I understand.

I rode back to Grammeno where I found the Greek lady packing up. Quart into pint pot to say the least. I wished her well for her flight back to Thessaloniki in the afternoon.

My next job was to feed the dogs and then myself. I’d not been sitting down long when there was a call to the reception where the people who contacted me the other day were waiting. A young German couple with a van which had been converted into a camper. We had conversations about PV and batteries and I showed them around the camping. They are staying next to the Swiss down by the sliding gate.

They didn’t have the correct cable to connect their van to the electrical supply so I got an appropriate one from the workshop where I noticed a stock of other connectors. I grabbed a couple, one with a cable attached and went back to the customers.

Michael, who’s been at the camping with his wife for several day, announced they would finally leave on Thursday having stayed ‘a couple of nights’. They are going to Elafonissi and eventually back to the mainland.

I made up another short connector and discovered whoever wired the larger socket had muddled the wiring connecting the earth to the neutral. Lucky I checked it before handing it out to use.

Bona and her entourage came to the camping to close up the cabins left open the previous visit. She’s interested in the Corgi X which Heike has so I’ve connected Bona to Heike to make arrangements to view the dogs.

I steeled myself to taking the ladder to fix yet another overhead cable with the metal clips I bought a while ago. This cable runs up hill so I ended up disconnecting the higher end and clipping it from the ground or ladder in the higher bits. The eucalyptus tree still needs a trim, I ran out of time for that but it’s a job well done anyway.

The cats were out in force so I gave them some of the tinned food and stood well back due to the rush. I thought I might test out the elastic cord I received with two LED lights I’d ordered from AliExpress and were delivered by courier right to my door. What a nice man! I need more screw eyes for the tent sides as it would be good to reduce some of the flapping about. A trip to the hardware shop is required in the morning.

The doggy rice has finished cooking yet they are all silent and immobile. A situation which will not endure once I move from the chair as they know what will happen next.

The weather was warm and sunny for the majority of the day which was fortunate as the battery needed a good charge due to the cooking from the previous day. 7.53kWh was produced so we’re at 92.8 capacity.


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