Gentle patter of rain on the roof so no getting up right then. The rain was accompanied by wind and dark. The combination was too overwhelming and I was making up for an earlier disturbance around 23:55 when a large black and brown dog appeared outside the field gate causing me to quit my pit to don a coat and scuttle out to let her in. She didn’t hurry through the gate as she had a nice warm jumper on and hadn’t been dragged from a warm bed.

It was getting light as we set out for our Walk, all eight of us. It was still windy and still chilly but not raining and not dark either. We went over the rocks as it was light and then down the beach to the river which is getting narrower but still only crossable by dogs with long legs or do not care about immersing their tummy in the cold water. Obi falls into that category as does Charlie. Oskar looked at it but quickly decided the south side of the river was more attractive.

The sky was busy with clouds but there was sunshine to the east which accorded a more reasonable outlook on the day. We went back and then out again with the Two Crazies and two balls.

Isabella chased the balls madly encouraged by Ruggy who was but an observer. Isabella slept for most of the day… It warmed up and was positively sunny until it began raining as I ate my breakfast. There was a message from Litsa on behalf of Manolis who wanted help with his boat. Once the sun reappeared, I went to see what project I would become involved in. He’s fitting a solar panel to keep the batteries charged when the boat is laid up or in the harbour. This required the cable to be routed via the roll-over bars so plenty of swearing as the fitting were unwilling to dismantle themselves. We got as far as we could so I took the opportunity of some clear(ish) sky to pedal into Petrakis as there is a distinct lack of food and DDs to prepare tomorrow which might be wet.

I shopped and was amazed to find that one till is trialling modern technology in the form of barcoding at the POS. The other till has not been updated presumably waiting to iron out all the bugs first. The sky was looking grey as I left the store so I hastened back to the camping where the dogs were pleased to see me. I’d taken the precaution of feeding the cats before leaving however they appeared to have mislaid this fact. I sat in my chair and fell asleep then played with my database tutorial before a quick tour of the camping and preparing food for all. We managed to get all of the dogs into the van and Ruggy decided to pack herself into the large dog bed almost successfully. Boris used it comfortably and Luis and Fido share at times. Indeed, I’ve seen Luis sharing with Oskar which seemed an unlikely combination.

I didn’t carefully check the sky before leaving to walk so it wasn’t long before light rain began to fall with increasing intensity. We sheltered in the large cave for a while but I could see from the sky it wouldn’t pass so we bravely curtailed the walk and hastily retuned to the camping where there were eight wet dogs under the awning. I’d closed the door as the heating had been left on. I fed the dogs, most eating under the awning with Luis and Fido inside accompanied by Obi who went in as supporter without bowl.

The day has now officially ended and seven dogs are inside the largest not being able to decide whether to remain outside or come in. That decision was soon removed from her hands as the heat escaped through the open door. Perhaps tomorrow will see the end to the unsettle weather for a while. At least the wind has at last dropped so it appears warmer if nothing else. Constant wind is very tiring after a while.

A wet start and finish to a generally dry and sunny day with the bulk of the precipitation in the evening.

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