I was nearing the end of my salad when I received a call from an Austrian gentleman calling from the gate. He only wished to spend the night as he’d booked into an apartment for the next couple of weeks. Only up the road but he wanted to stay over to be ready in the morning. I put him in one of the bays by the bathrooms and left him to do his thing.

I was in Egypt with Hercule and Capt Hastings as they searched for the systematic murderer of Egyptologists examining the tomb of one of the rulers.

I woke to a reasonably calm morning with a clear sky, moon and plenty of stars. There were no surprises, Obi kept up with a little prompting and the Belgian Boudoir was on its own in the beach car park.

The girls came out after I’d been to Paleochora as I wanted to go before it became too windy.

My Paleochora trip got a little windy on the way back but otherwise fine and sunny. I only wanted bread anyway.

The girls were ready to go so off we went. We’d not been on the Promontory long when they disappeared from my view. A few moments later I decided they’d been away long enough so called them back as I reckoned they must be up to something. It transpired later they discovered the Austrian and his two dogs. He was surprised when Sasha and Isabella came up to him then mysteriously decided to turn back and disappeared. Later, I was able to tell him why.

It was now quite breezy on the rocks but not so bad as to dissuade me from completing my FST with the help of Sasha. She seems to have forgotten about her injury and even went swimming which can only be a good thing.

On our return, I fed all of the dogs and then went to see the Austrian as I knew he wanted to leave around eleven. We had a chat so it’s likely he’ll return to spend time at Grammeno once his tenure at the apartment has ended. His dogs are very nice and well trained. One is a Collie the other a Romanian Rescue who is still very timid so saw very little of her.

The wind increased intensity throughout the day. Toni came to give me all of the keys to everything on the camping as he’ll be away for a while. I noticed Anke’s car parked near his caravan when I went out at 07:20 and Jorma saw her a little later. Seems they have something going…

I changed a gas bottle in the kitchen, changed a shower hose and head so can now get a decent spray pattern when showering. I tried to clean the old shower head but it was a waste of time.

I was unable to top up my phone where around 30€ credit appears to have gone missing. I was unable to do much so suspect Cosmote are having problems with their billing software. It’s not urgent as my minutes don’t run out until the New Year.

It’s becoming more blowy. I must remove the towel from the washing line or it will flap around all night. Tomorrow if forecast to be blowy but it should calm on Wednesday.

Becoming windy

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