I went outside and heard a woof from near the gate so was not surprised to find Iera sitting there. She didn’t fancy being left out there all night so wanted to be sure of being let in. Sasha joined her outside during the night so she wasn’t lonely.

I set the alarm a little earlier today as it’s less than one week before the chock change and I’ve not been too keen on getting up earlier when it’s cold, windy and rainy. My bed is too attractive especially if the dogs don’t move either.

The UK van and rental car were in the car park but now the van is in the camping as they decided to come back for another night. Their daughter is still in the small cabin.

Our walk was quite chilly and breezy as it wasn’t until later that the wind calmed and it started to warm up a little.

The three girls were joined by Skinny who, sensibly, kept out of the way as they galloped around barking madly. The three of them are crazy as they charge about.

I waited a little before going to Paleochora as the forecast indicated the wind would reduce over time and it would warm up. It was just after eight when I rode in. I only stopped at the bakery as I plan to visit Petrakis tomorrow.

I returned to feed the dogs, make tea and put on a wash for Mickey. He says he will need to do another later in the week. Georgia sent me some documents to print off as she had to take them into the local office for something importantly official. One of the bills was the latest electricity bill which I was happy to see to remove some of the mystery concerning the ever-increasing cost of power. Georgia disappeared into town so we could all relax a little.

The guys have been busy continuing with the cutting and raking. The tent which has been left up all through the winter has been taken down and put away. I took Tony on a tour of the loos to show him everything that required fixing. I’d already been around to empty the bins and it would seem that Georgia (or more likely Zoe) had visited them earlier and called Bona to come in to clean them. At least Bona didn’t need to empty the bins! I had help from the new guy to drag the wheely bin to the entrance and I brought an empty one back.

I checked out the latest electricity bill and calculated the kW/h price which works out at around 0.40€/kWh. I’m not sure where we were getting 0.55kWh from. Indeed, later on there was an earnest discussion about the price of electricity. Georgia maintained it was over 1€/kWh back in the summer however her accountancy methods are more emotional than scientific. She was talking about charging all customers 11€/day for electricity however we compromised on 0.95€/kWh which is still over the odds.

I said I’d be happy to examine each bill to calculate the true cost of a unit which is not entirely easy as, on first inspection, the bill looks frighteningly complex. The camping has four different tariff levels depending on the time of day and the phase of the moon. There are also lots of different taxes and charges as well as government refunds. Once you can sort it all out, it’s not that hard to find the total price for the bill and divide by the number of units consumed to arrive at the unit price.

Fortunately, I’d put the doggy rice on before joining everyone for some food in the Common Room. Today we had fakes and salad so I was quids-in. I ignored the fishy things as well as the cheese. I finished up Zoe’s fakes as well as all the remaining salad so won’t need to eat much else until tomorrow evening. With Georgia to entertain me I was kept amused. Interestingly, Zoe can’t help smiling and passing comments to me when Georgia goes off on one…

It was late by the time I got back to the dogs and they’d been making this perfectly clear for some while. Their rice had been kept reasonably well in the pot and I had an extra mouth to feed as Iera was still present. I fed them quickly and then brought them inside as it was getting dark.

A cold and blustery start to the day leading to a warm and sunny one with NO wind later on! Things will hopefully remain stable and warmer for the next few days. Much warmer than yesterday.

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