Petra gave me a big vat of gigantes with which I was more than happy. Not as full as on previous occasions but certainly enough so as I didn’t want any rice and spinach which is my reserve. I watched an episode of Heartbeat followed by The Likely Lads from before time began. Something from YouTube and then it was bedtime.

I didn’t put a collar on Maya and she remained quiet all night. Perhaps we’ll try again tonight. Sasha had to be brought in earlier as she was barking at the Group who were making unusual noises as they tend to. Together with clapping, cheering and whistling, no dog could resist.

I felt a little warm at around 02:00 so turned the temperature from 30ºC to 29ºC which was just the job. The morning was still warm but we were greeted by a refreshing northerly breeze.

There were plenty of vehicles along the beach track and in the car park so I was on the lookout for FreeLoaders on the beaches and Promontory. There was an astonished shriek from someone on the Big Beach as I think they were visited by Obi. He is hardly a threat but if you’ve just been woken up by a flashing dog at 04:45 it might take a while to come to your senses. I kept them together and away from the beach until I walked back later with the girls.

We completed our two visits to Azzuro with even Luis managing to arrive almost on time. I put the boys in, fed Moggy and we set off for round two. No ball again today as Isabella forewent the opportunity to bring one so I left the thrower. I notice that both Maya and Sasha are often lying down when we stop and seem to have less energy on the second walk. After all, they are out for around three hours and it’s warm.

I paused before going over Panorama for a visit of Paleochora and can confirm it’s still there. There were several other cycles and pedestrians using the cycleway which is a good sign and safer than being on the road.

I fed dogs and made tea after a quick shower then settled down to do very little in anticipation of the arrival of Kalliope, Ingo and Silvia. The last time they were here Ingo and Kalliope delivered Charlie for transportation to UK and Sasha arrived just after, as it was Easter ‘22. They are planning to stay until Monday and have some friends arriving later this evening. They will stay only two nights then we’ll spend time together after that.

I was waiting at the office as I needed to go there to collect a package delivered last Saturday. Apparently, no one told me. I looked at the tracking details to find that it had been delivered. It contains my new supply of nutritional yeast and seaweed like stuff which I’m told is very good for me. Time will doubtless tell.

I had an interesting conversation with Marisa whereby I learned that MARIA will be leaving at the beginning of September as she’s sure to have a post by then. I understand she’s expecting to remain on Crete and even in the Chania district. Maria will be back in the office to help Marisa who will doubtless become the driving force.

I have to confess that Maria was less than motivated during her previous tour of duty. I suggested Marisa might like to try to instil some enthusiasm into Maria and perhaps give her some gentle guidance when dealing with customers. Marisa seems quite upbeat about the arrangements and may be asked to stay until the end of October which is a relief to me. Hopefully, she will even come back for next season. I suspect Marisa may be being groomed for the principal reception role. Interesting as she tends to say it how it is and thinks along the same lines as me. Who knows what happens in those Ivory Towers. As her role develops, she will require change which will be an interesting progression.

Ingo, Silvia and Kalliope arrived so I chatted to Kalliope whilst Toni took her parents for a wander around the camping to find a space suitable for their smaller tent and the larger one for their friends who will be arriving from Iraklion around 21:00 – a horrible time to be setting up in a camping! Kalliope and I went to the workshop to inflate an air bed and continue updating her as to the situation regarding the cats and dogs. Kalliope has yet to meet Sasha and Maya but Isabella and she are old friends. Kalliope dragged Ingo out of bed so that she could come out with the dogs during their last visit. Then, it was Skinny and Isabella going for a second walk. Quite a difference to the Crazy Bitches!

I’m being serenaded by the sound of Strauss’ waltzes as the Group set up on Janne and Erica’s pitch. Whether they have been given or have asked permission to be there is another matter. I’m keeping an eye on things via the camera and will ensure they leave everything as it should be.

Sasha and Maya are playing nicely together, Isabella is flat out at my feet, Luis inside in the cool whilst the others are hoping I shall leap to my feet to feed them. Ideally, I should have fed the dogs whilst the music was playing however I’m not about to change my arrangements to suit potential interlopers. So there, bum!

I understand Eleanor and Kallie will be leaving Tony, Ursula and Heidi today. She will be sorely missed by Minnie who has enjoyed some invigorating walks which only Eleanor could have provided. Eleanor also mowed Ursula’s lawn!

A quick look in the camera shows members of the Group dancing. Understandable considering the music.

Cooler than yesterday with a light northerly breeze to start the day. The sea was reasonably calm when I went to swim and has remained so all day.

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