Lazy Sunday

Fakes! But then you already knew that if you read yesterday’s blog entry. What did I watch? Good question, in fact it was a YouTube evening of longer presentations on a non-trivial nature.

The night passed effortlessly to reveal a warm and initially fairly still morning with starry sky. The moon has not been with us for a few days.

A plethora of vehicles were parked in the beach car park and track including a rental motorhome from Poland. There were also cars whose inhabitants were occupying the ABB sun beds and who could be heard ‘relaxing’ loudly only to leave in their vehicles as we returned from Azzuro the first time.

There were other FreeLoaders so we avoided the Big Beach until the girls and Oskar went out on the second walk with a number of balls and the thrower. Lots of dashing into the sea, rushing about and barking loudly mostly on the part of Isabella and Maya. They ‘play’ together with Maya racing after Isabella chasing the ball barking and feigning taking the ball from her.

I relaxed my brain before riding to Paleochora for a visit to Petrakis on a banana-replenishment exercise, amongst other things. I ran into Heike at the checkout and, apparently, her house is no tidier even though it’s now several months since she gave up the pet shop. Best laid plans and all that.

I rode back to Grammeno passing persons sundry and various en route. The dogs appeared to be well behaved so I fed them after letting those from within out.

I made tea and settled down to do things.

Long and complicated to try to explain but to do with chip pinouts on the MCU board. Having read the assembly instructions from Sensor Community for the nth time, it appears that the particle sensor requires 5v so has to be plugged into the pin connected directly to the USB connection in order to work correctly. This I worked out as the instructions are for the V3 board and not the V2 one which I have. It would appear that the V3 board is a copy and not the original specification. Lots of detective work but the upshot being I’m now transmitting reliable particle data albeit from a temporary location for the time being.

As with all of these things, nothing is straight forward but it’s the getting there which is the fun bit together with the learning experience that goes with it.

The day otherwise passed imperceptibly. Erica and Janne went out for a walk over Anydroi way to a location high up which they’ve visited previously. They might have visited the restaurant but it would have been busy on a Sunday lunchtime on a sunny day in September.

The doggy bowls are laid out on the table and their rice is soaking up the remainder of the steam and water in the Pot. Some of the dogs are in the van and, hopefully, Luis isn’t demolishing the foam as I think he’s under this chair. The inside lot are listening to Peter Gabriel on Radio Paradise’s Main Mix which I feel certain they’re enjoying.

It has been windy on and off for much of the day. There has also been some cloud which we might have done without as we need all of the sunlight we can get to keep up with electrical demand. The dogs have had to put up with just fan this afternoon as we cannot quite make it until the sun comes in the morning without running the battery out. A couple of additional east-facing panels would help as seven south-facing is not quite enough.

Sasha is now amusing Luis who is becoming inevitably more noisy. I think it’s time I fed them…

Windy from early for most of the day but not cold with plenty of sunshine. Tomorrow will be windier than today! Tomorrow and Tuesday are forecast to be cooler by a couple of degrees
Wind speed data for today, September and 2023. Crete can often be quite windy…

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