Windy or what!

It has been blowing hard for two days. Fortunately, the wind went to bed and didn’t blow all of last night however it appears to be making up for it today. The strongest gust so far is 70km/h (44mph) which is quite breezy. Today in the awning tent was quite noisy and tiring. The Brown Dogs kept hiding under my chair when it was particularly bad.

I did a few running repairs to the rubber bands holding down the sides since some of them had been stretched once too often. I also added some additional elastic guys to the east side as that takes most of the punishment. Considering the awning and tent isn’t designed to take this force of wind, it seems to be doing fairly well. The wind is forecast to be with us until Thursday or Friday calming down after that.
An Albanian couple called my phone from reception looking for accommodation. I called Maria, who was driving at the time. She said there was none at the moment.
Obi has completed his punishment although I left it right up until bedtime before he knew he didn’t have to spend another night in the draughty kennel. He is now curled up on the bench seat in the corner enjoying the First Class lifestyle with the other Brown Dogs. Interestingly Fido appeared to show solidarity with Obi and spent more time in the Small Dog compound than normal. He had all of his meals alongside Obi and I’m sure he would have helped himself to Obi’s food if I’d let him.
The shower was hot tonight as I turned on the heater for two hours to be sure it would be hot for me. I think the Albanians are fair-weather showerers as there was no sign of any previous showering as they probably felt it was too breezy in the bathroom. It is breezy but when there is no glass in the windows, it’s hardly surprising.
My fridge, as you’d expect, is stuffed with tomatoes despite the number I used yesterday to make my lentil creation. There are more under the awning as they will ripen more quickly out there. Especially if the wind stops blowing and the sun comes out.
Feeding the dogs was an interesting exercise as the wind kept blowing the bowls off the table. I ended up moving them to the decking out of the direct wind. Luis, the only one free in the main compound at that point, had to be warned not to help himself to everyone else’s supper. They are having meat every night at present as it is easier to get them to take their medicine that way. They have to have the stuff every three months to keep up the protection.
The van is rocking about like a moving train as the wind is so strong and there’s a lot of flapping of tent outside.
Time for some food and even a glass of wine…


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