Wrong again…

At least Fido didn’t wake me up early this morning: that was left to the idiots with the automatic weapons firing off at 02:00! What is it with weddings which brings about all this shooting? Fido was quiet due to his collar, however, Luis made up for him. I was not up for getting out of bed so contented myself with shouting at him. It will be less of a problem after tomorrow as Janne and Erica are going home and there are few other people close to me to bother.

Other than a few motorhomes, there are not that many people on the camping. I’ve not been wandering about much as I’ve been busy all day, but from what I can see there are few customers. The weather has not helped as people don’t rush to go camping if they think there is going to be storms or showers. The reality is that there has been very little thunder or rain. Some earlier, enough to get Boris excited, so I shipped him off into the storeroom. He was lying on his inside bed when I came back to get him out. He gets pretty tired on the early walk so usually spends most of the following twenty-four hours asleep!

Maria came to breakfast but was called away to attend to something in the office. I was not there at that time as I was dealing with an IT problem. She chatted to Ursula who asked embarrassing questions about the price she’d asked for some weeks previously. It makes me wonder how anything gets done sometimes…

Georgia is away today and tomorrow so there is a lot of dog-barking in the camping. Mostly to do with her larger dogs assisted by Πέντε. You’d think someone would do something about it. My lot, apart from a little accompaniment from Luis, are silent. The customers in the main camping must be pretty unimpressed.

My day has been very busy as I’ve been concentrating on putting together an email to send to all of the EG branches regarding their new email boxes. It’s very hard writing instructions as there are so many possibilities for things to go wrong. Mostly to do with users not understanding or correctly following what you write. I have put together a series of pictures of the screens people will see as they change their password and access their account. Terry is going to be a guinea pig later on.

More thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow. If they are anything like those of today, we have little to fear. We’ve had a couple of showers but the rain evaporated as it hit the ground. We’ve had some thunder and I think the power went off a couple of times. Other than that, it’s a bit of a non-event.

If things go according to plan, Sophie will be here this time next week. Janne and Erica are starting back tomorrow and Ursula and Tony are going off on a visit to UK on Friday. I keep saying that they are visiting UK as they seem to be here more than there at present.

I suspect one of the customers has left there little dog tied up outside their cabin as I can hear occasional unhappy dog noises on and off. Ursula is nearby so I’m sure she will keep an eye out. It looks a cute dog so I expect it’s unimpressed at being left behind.

Time for some food and for me to stop feeding the mosquito population.

All is curently silent…

My chair has just collapsed as the fabric has finally given way. It is the chair I bought in 2015. The fabric is 60€ to replace and you can buy two, similar, cheap and cheerful chairs for that price…

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