Monday is washing day

I put loads of washing in the machine this morning and it’s still hanging on the line. Too many other things have transpired to prevent me from folding up all the clothes although I have made my bed with lovely clean sheets. It will take ages for all of the various inmates to recover from the shock.

The day has been taken up with various IT tasks as well as a couple of lengthy telephone calls.

I’m pleased to report that Heidi, Tony and Ursula have arrived safely but belatedly in Ancona on the second leg of their return trip to UK. Despite a warning, Tony took himself off to the loo but couldn’t find his way back. He seems to have a knack of disappearing just as the boat is coming into port. Fortunately, there is only a short drive to their accommodation as Ursula booked something close to the port due to the delayed departure of the ferry from Patras.

It has also been quite warm with a high of 32.2C. At least all the washing had no excuse not to dry.

This morning’s walk was a whole load better than yesterday’s as there were no FreeLoaders camping on the Promontory only Kostas collecting salt. He only warranted a short bark as he passed by with his head-torch on. Boris declined to come so I was able to concentrate more on entertaining the other dogs with two balls. Fido enjoyed himself with one ball whilst Oskar and Charlie took turns to run after the other.

I need to take them out for their evening stroll so will continue this later.

The evening stroll is now complete and all dogs are in bed with their dinners. It is almost dark and 94% of the moon hangs silently in the eastern sky.

The camping has quietened down although it has been noisy today following an influx of replacements after yesterday’s departures. I wouldn’t say that it’s full but certainly busier than I recall seeing for this point in the season. I remember wondering if anyone would come during the disastrous summer of 2015. Hopefully, this summer will make up for it.

I’m being eaten alive so will retire inside whilst my frozen supper reheats on the hob. I forgot to take it out of the freezer until late so am now paying the price. Perhaps I’ll eat a few olives whilst I wait.


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