Merry Christmas Eve!

Out through the gate for the Early Walk and onto the Promontory. I decided to go for it today so completed 6.11km and 56 Exercise minutes. The run to Krios was slow and deliberate as I was listening to an audiobook as I ran. I covered 22.04km by the end of the day with only 60 Exercise minutes to finish off my December Challenge. I notice last year’s November Challenge was for a mere 1,238 Exercise minutes: this month’s is 3,680 minutes but then I’ve moved on a bit since last year.

I had no need to venture into Paleochora and planned to get everything washed including my sheets even though Spring is still a long way off! I needed to get on with it as I knew the German couple with the monster truck wanted to use the machine. The forecast was for sunny weather with cloud later. I had my washing all hung up to dry even before theirs was in the machine. I can see they got most of it dry although there is still some hanging out opposite the kitchen. I warned them about the possibility of rain later.

The day has been mostly relaxing with an interlude assisting Xanthippos to empty three drawers of defrosted food from Georgia’s fridge/freezer. She will not be pleased.

Peter arrived in his car bearing a 20kg bag of food for the dogs and a fruit desert for me. Peter tells me he’s on the wagon! At Christmas time what’s more!

I brought in the washing, made my bed and took the dogs out across the field for the Evening Walk. Two [Albanian] fisherpersons were perched on the rocks like a couple of cormorants as we wandered up the Promontory. We did the rocks and returned uneventfully to the camping.

My supper is ready so I’m going to eat it.

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