Rain showers and others

A break from tradition with no early morning rain showers and dry decking as I walked down the steps to turn on the water heaters. It was noticeably warm into the bargain although there were still plenty of clouds about.

We easily walked my Exercise Goal, I feel there may be a lack of consistency here. Then back to the camping so I could go out for a run. I’d no sooner made it out of the camping and up the hill towards Krios when light rain began to fall. I could see more to come in the distance, so did a quick about turn and headed back only just in time to avoid a soaking. I did a core workout whilst waiting for the rain to stop then set out anew to run. The roads were wet but at least it wasn’t falling out of the sky.

My shower was not quite up to standard due to a leaking shower mixer which spattered my legs and feet with cold water. I contacted Maria and sent an email to Georgia. Xanthippos came in later to see what he could do. He also concluded there were no spare shower mixers in the workshop. He locked the mixer using a cable tie and muttered about getting a new unit.

It has not been as wet as was predicted just intermittent showers resulting in 7.6mm accumulated precipitation so far. There could well be more to come this evening. Five wet days are forecast from tomorrow, one with 33mm of rain. The monthly total is 86.2mm and we look set the beat the annual rainfall of the past three years. 2014/15 was a particularly wet year with a precipitation total of 711.5mm as opposed to 357.1mm from October 2018 to present.

I’ve been busily doing things but I’m not sure quite what. A little IT support, camping monthly takings summary for Georgia, website stuff and so on. There was some sun earlier which made the decking a pleasant place to be. A heavy rain shower put paid to that causing the temperature to fall.

I thought a heavy downpour was going to put paid to the Evening Walk however, a walk to the beach persuaded me it might keep dry for us. As it turned out, there was a sharp shower whist I was throwing the ball for Fido and Luis but we sheltered under a rock overhang until the rain stopped. The sun resumed and it was quite pleasant again.

Looking east towards Paleochora

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