Over 4,500,000 signatures!

Message seen from a ski lift at Meribel

So far, nearly 4,500,000 have signed the revoke Article 50 petition to cancel Brexit. The petition has been on the government petition website for some days but has recently received many more signatures.

People are justifiably fed up with the entire process which has now dragged on for nearly three years! The amount of time and resources which have been expended to little positive effect and the dogged desire to ‘serve the will of the people’ by pursuing this action is astounding.

Democracy is wonderful so long as the people are not involved. Putting a question of such complexity to the nation has further divided a country already divided north/south rich/poor. The matter deserves careful consideration by those who have all the facts and are capable of making a balanced, rational decision divorced from hype and fanciful promises.

This petition and the London marches helps to demonstrate that a significant number consider that the will of the people has not been served.

A majority of less than 4% – is this really the ‘will of all or at least a significant majority of the people’?

Oskar spent the night locked in one of the houses having decided to bark at bedtime. Had he remained quiet I might have done differently. He should be suitably hungry this evening so will be very keen to come back for his supper.

The early wind moderated in the middle of the day so I was able to go shopping in Paleochora in reasonable comfort. The road was not busy so it was straightforward to avoid the many potholes and broken surfaces. I feel it will be quite a while until the project is finished and the new road surface laid with all its accoutrements.

Georgia and I have just had a chat about the camping. She tells me the lease continues for another nine years and she listed the works which Mikhalis will be completing before the season begins. I mentioned that I would be away during Easter and explained that it’s nice to get out and about occasionally especially when the winter was so horrid. She seemed to understand where I was coming from. She left to go back to Chania and I went to progress the food I’d been preparing earlier.

We’ve done the Evening Walk, I’ve decanted the food in the pot to find I have five meals worth: three for the freezer, one for tonight and the other for tomorrow night! The dogs are in the throws of finishing their biscuits and Oskar is very helpfully going round to give each bowl an extra polish. I kept him on the lead with Obi this evening and he was exhibiting signs of Oskar Pottines which I could do without this evening. Consequently, the walk was uneventful and all is safely gathered in as one might say.

It appears that the Brexit march, which is reported to having been attended by around 1,000,000 people, was without serious incident. And my final word is:

People’s Vote marcher 23/03/19


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