So much for Spring

Happy Leap Year and 29 February 2020!

The Internet connection to the camping suddenly came back on last night. Before we went out for our Friday Debauchery, there was no connection however it was working when we came back. Good job as I was getting a little behind with some aspects of my work.

I was more motivated than the dogs on the Early Walk today but we kept to our regular schedule and all was well. I guessed it would be windy later so I took my bike for a trip to Krios. The morning hopefuls were massing outside Vlisidis supermarket and most seemed still to be there on my way back sometime later. It must be tough being a refugee in Greece.

It was cold so I got on with my breakfast preparations as I had my weekly phone call later. The wind subsided a bit and the day became sunny. I popped next door for a chat with Janne who presented me with a USB stick upon which he wished me to transfer some material to access on his iPhone.

My weekly phone call was next as I sat in the sun surrounded by [mostly] sleeping dogs.

The afternoon was unproductive other than to pass Janne’s USB back over the fence. They planned to go to Paleochora for the carnival which, it transpired, was cancelled due to The Lurgy.

Preparations for the Grammeno event continued and I watched via the CCTV cameras as a large couch and associated pillows made its way from the reception building. There were various visitors floating around the camping including some children to interest the dogs.

I’ve been keeping a low profile in the hope of being left out of this evening’s extravaganza. It’s cold and I’m not much interested in being enclosed in a [large] room with a load of people I don’t know. Particularly at this time.

The Evening Walk was pleasant albeit rather cold as the wind is now from the northwest making it much chillier than this morning. I’m sitting inside to write this with the door closed and the heating on. The Hardy Skinny was very keen to get inside and is currently curled up sleeping off his supper. He looks very peaceful.

My supper is in The Pot outside but may have a little way to go until it’s finished. Hark, I hear a terminatory beeping – not long to wait!

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